Photo by Jim Craven

Pair entered on a lark

Heidi Swanson, Wendy Barrie and Susan Kahoun don't look like they need makeovers.

But hey, for a free trip to New York City, why not?

That will be Swanson, 31, and Barrie, 38 -- and possibly Kahoun, 30 -- getting the makeover treatment on the Live -- Regis and Kathy Lee show, airing Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. on KDRV-TV Channel 12.

What we really wanted is the trip to New York, Kahoun says with a laugh.

The theme of the segment is teacher makeovers. All three women teach physical education at Hedrick Middle School in Medford.

Kahoun says she happened to be watching the show when it was announced that teachers were being sought for a feature on makeovers, keyed to the start of the school year.

We'd always joked about getting makeovers, Kahoun says.

I called my friends.

You had to send in a picture. They made themselves look as bad as possible.

First came the worst possible photo shoot. They're talking messy hair, no makeup, the lame look here.

Next, Swanson says, Barrie had the idea for a poem. So they linked it to a recent refurbishing of the school:

— —

Swanson and Barrie sent the poem and the photos to New York. Kahoun was out of town for a day on a trip to Florence on the coast to visit her mother.

Several days later a staffer from the show called and said the two women had made the first cut and were in the top 50.

And then on Tuesday there was another call.

Swanson and Barrie had been picked to be on the show.

They said the reason we got it was the poem and how we really went for it, Swanson says.

They plan to fly to New York Monday and have the makeovers done Tuesday -- hair, makeup, clothes. They'll fly back to Oregon Wednesday.

Thursday at Hedrick they were shooting videos of themselves playing volleyball and basketball with their students.

It's a bunch of little clips to show us around the school before the makeovers, Swanson says.

Also Thursday the women were scrambling for a way to get Kahoun included back into the deal.

It was my idea! she says, mock seriously. Did I get a bum deal or what?

There were reportedly more than 2,400 entries.

It must have been hard for them to compete with a poetic plea:

We'd love to bring a brand new look to Hedrick Middle School

If we were picked to be redone,

our co-workers would drool.

The most important reason

to choose us above the rest --

We love the kids and they deserve

to see us at our best.