I'm interested in finding out what year Snider Dairy & Produce Co. started business in Medford, and what year they went out of business.

I found an item with the name Snider Dairy & Produce Co. and the telephone number 203 on it. It was a half-pint milk or cream bottle.

I remember the dairy being in Medford; also the time when a bunch of us went to their place of business trick-or-treating, and they treated us to a scoop of ice cream.

If memory serves me right, Mr. Snider was mayor of Medford at one time.

-- B.G., Jacksonville

The Snider Dairy was a longtime landmark in Medford, B.G., as was the Snider family. But first things first: The dairy, founded by former Mayor John W. Snider's parents, started up in 1903 and closed its doors in 1963. That year, all the wholesale activities

of Snider's were assumed by Arden Farms. Home delivery to Medford and Ashland customers was continued by Cloverleaf Dairy.

The building last used by Snider Dairy & Produce Co., at 28 N. Bartlett St., was razed in 1964.

The bottle you have probably was made before 1930; a survey of old phone directories shows Medford phone numbers didn't have prefixes until that year.

By 1935, the dairy and produce business on Bartlett Street was the largest creamery in the state outside of Portland. It was there in 1933 that the first shipment of beer arrived in Medford from Weinhard's Brewery. The dairy was well-known for its trademark, Little Daisy the cow.

John W. Snider was mayor of Medford from 1957 until 1962. He was one of the city's youngest mayors, elected at 38. He was best known for helping establish Medford's relationship with its sister city of Alba, Italy.

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