Your sick editorial policy is only worthy of something like Pravda!

You attack Mabon and ask what he does not understand but champion the repeat and repeat of a juvenile justice bond and school bonds until they are jammed down our throats. You protest the tentative appointment of an attorney general because you fear he might make it difficult to use federal funds to allow doctors to murder senior citizens and question why anyone would want to stop this practice when it was approved by the voters. But you immediately attack a law approved by the voters by an overwhelming majority to compensate landowners for a devaluation of their property by public agencies. You are in agreement with closing forest trails and roads to motorized vehicles, but go into a tizzy when it is suggested that perhaps bicycles and horses should also be eliminated. You require that I and my fellow citizens not only sign our letters to the editor but also produce proof of identification, but hide your editors behind their sick and misleading editorials. The only thing I can say in your defense is that your newspaper does carry garage sales and is good for starting fires in the fireplace. Here is my signature and I am not ashamed to put it down

? Ernie Groth, Medford
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Janice England Watson's aspirations to preach localized Norman Rockwell homilies filtered through Cal Thomas' conservative Christian vocabulary is usually pretty bland fare. It gets interesting when she starts dropping phrases like a new army of black-helicoptered Smokies. She is speaking in tongues to that portion of the choir that draws its faith and dogma from the insomniac, New World Order conspiracy prophets who howl out from the wilderness of America's paranoid soul.

? John Gaffey, Ashland
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Protect against congestion

The Medford City Council has earned an extra round of applause and respect for a Jan. 4 decision. The council agreed to the Manor's last minute request to postpone the evening public hearing regarding Manor commercial development plans by the south Medford interchange. However, the council held that the requested two-week extension would inhibit adequate public participation. Enthusiastically affirming full public participation, the council rescheduled the hearing for Feb. 1, thereby facilitating the 21-day legal notification of 220 households near the Manor boundary.

Unfortunately, the council cannot provide legal notice to everyone in the Rogue Valley whose voice should be heard. The council needs well-reasoned advice from across the whole valley. Everyone who travels through the south Medford interchange will benefit only if the wisest of decisions result from this hearing. The time is now for the whole Rogue Valley to stand up and encourage the council to protect the land around the south Medford interchange, east and west of the freeway, for the greater public good. A moratorium on development in the interchange area should be declared while the council and ODOT, by committee or otherwise, jointly develop appropriate criteria and ordinances for adequate land-use protection in the interchange area. Those provisions must guarantee a South Gateway that will be a source of public pride and livability for decades and generations to come. Don't let our council down! Get your neighbors involved, send your cards and letters, and be there on Feb. 1.

? Charles A. Moore, Central Point

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