Richardson has spent more so far in the contest for the state District 4 House seat

In a bid to retain her state House seat, Rep. Cherryl Walker is garnering big money from medical groups and liquor interests while her opponent, Dennis Richardson, is getting his big donations from anti-abortion and family values organizations.

In the first campaign financial reporting period, which ended Monday, Walker edged out her opponent by collecting $68,920.86 to Richardson's $59,083.70. But while Richardson was spending money on things like television advertisements to get his name known to the public, Walker was building her war chest. At the end of the financial reporting period, Richardson had $10,947.50 left, while Walker was sitting pretty with $49,210.23.

There is no Democrat registered to run against the winner of the primary, meaning the primary race is likely to determine who will hold the House District 4 seat for the next two years.

Walker, a retired administrative law hearings officer, won her seat two years ago. Richardson is a Central Point City Council member. District 4 is a mostly rural district that stretches from the edge of Medford, through Central Point and up to the edge of Grants Pass, including the cities of Rogue River and Gold Hill and a portion of the Applegate.

Some of Walker's contributions came from Washington, D.C.-based political organizations, including $2,500 from former U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood's political action committee, but many came from medical and insurance political action committees such as $2,000 from the Portland-based Oregon Medical Association PAC and $1,000 from the Portland-based Oregon Health Care Association PAC. A lot of money also came from beer brewers and beverage companies, including $5,000 from the Portland-based Oregon Beverage PAC and $1,000 from Salem-based Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc.

Although most of Richardson's contributions of $100 or more came from local retirees, homemakers and a hairdresser, he also got some PAC money, including $12,035.16 from Oregon Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, $10,000 from the Oregon Family Council PAC, which promotes family values, and $5,000 from the Oregon Grocery Industry Association PAC.

Here are contributions the candidates listed in the reports that were due Monday:

Dennis Richardson

Total cash contributions, $42,475.34; in-kind contributions, $11,608.36; loans, $5,000.

Contributions of $100 or over:

Lila McDowell (retiree), Shady Cove, $100; Barbara Maddocks (postal worker), Gold Hill, $100; Ralph Cluff (retiree), Medford, $200; Daniel Park (architect), Central Point, $100; Dexter Bonston (retiree), Central Point, $200; Robin Dickson (executive director, Dogs for the Deaf), Gold Hill, $100; Jeff Hoyal (business consultant), Medford, $1,100; Michael Robinson (physician), Central Point, $100; Robert Clarno (teacher), Central Point, $100; Oregon Right to Life PAC, $12,035.16; Oregon Family Council Issues PAC, $10,000; Edward Geller (chiropractor), Medford, $100; Mark McFarland (chiropractor), Medford, $100; Kathleen Kap (homemaker), Klamath Falls, $100; Mark Gosnell (Realtor), Gold Hill, $100; Suzanne Idiart (homemaker), Central Point, $125; Mike Duncan (real estate developer), Central Point, $200; Cynthia Wright (homemaker), Central Point, $100; Kenneth Williams (bank manager), Eagle Point, $100; Keith Johnson (electronics worker), Medford, $100; Muriel Butler (homemaker), Central Point, $200; Darrell Burnett (retirement plan manager), Central Point, $100; Trent Nistler (mortgage broker), Central Point, $100; Philip Tannenholz (Nikken distributor), Gold Hill, $445.68; Lisa Herzog (homemaker), Grants Pass, $100; James Daniken (taxidermist), Central Point, $100; Rita Phair (accounts payable clerk), Central Point, $200; Oregon Grocery Industry Association PAC, $5,000; Gene Reedy (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Fred Meyer, Portland, $1,000; Cleatis Lemley (retiree), Central Point, $100; Marsha Randall (landlord), Grants Pass, $550; Joanne Slama (homemaker), Grants Pass, $100; Lois Maxwell (teacher), Grants Pass, $100; Terri George (hairdresser), Merlin, $500; Lawrence Olsen (retiree), Central Point, $250; Cathy Richardson (homemaker), Central Point, $107.33; Donald Bellville (forester), Grants Pass, $100; Davis Stanger (retiree), Grants Pass, $250; A. Richard Vial (attorney), Hillsboro, $100; Avis Nichols (retiree), Medford, $100; Rodney Swanson (forest products company owner), Grants Pass, $100; Willean Reed (restaurant owner), Gold Hill, $100; Andrea Applegate (llama breeder), Grants Pass, $100; Oregon Optometric Public Affairs Council, $500; Bruce Hopkins (paralegal), Central Point, $100; Ross Anderson (retiree), Medford, $,1011.74; Charles Raney (district sales manager), Central Point, $165; Phyllis Pugh (truck driver), Eagle Point, $100; Carl Stokes (retiree), Eagle Point, $500; Rollin Hogge (insurance sales), Medford, $100; Brett Sharp (vice president/controller manufacturing), Grants Pass, $250; William Bowles (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Frank Barnhart (retiree), Merlin, $100; Jason Muir (self-employed bottled water distributor), Central Point, $100; Jennifer Carlsm (homemaker), Pleasanton, Calif., $1,000; Weston Sharp (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Dennis Doyle (accountant), Grants Pass, $250; Les Walker (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Tom Olive (woodworker), Grants Pass, $100; Robert Morgan (teacher), Grants Pass, $100; Bill Eberling (physical therapist), Central Point, $100; Kelly Anderson (attorney), Medford, $100; Wallace Barnes (retiree), Rogue River, $100; Margie L. Teal (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Jadine Brown (homemaker), Central Point, $112; Lillian Heighton (retiree), Medford, $225; Tammy Brown (legal assistant), Medford, $150; Tom Baskin (retiree), Central Point, $136.25; Sharla Gretner (video representative), Gold Hill, $120; Rogue Valley Bin Co., Central Point, $100; John Stubstad (seed company owner), Central Point, $100; Edward Hanson (retiree), Central Point, $150; Professional Building Inc., Central Point, $3,450; Dennis Richardson & Associates, Central Point, $912.32; Dennis Richardson, Central Point, $9,155.10 (including $5,000 loan).

Cherryl Walker

Total cash contributions, $57,450; total in-kind contributions, $1,470.86; loans: none.

Contributions of $100 or over:

Ag-PAC, Salem, $1,000; Friends of Jim Hill, Hillsboro, $250; Bernard Westlund (state legislator), Bend, $3,000; Citizens for Lane Shetterly, Dallas, $1,000; Phil Stephens (nursing home administrator), Grants Pass, $250; Bob rd (real estate developer), Grants Pass, $100; Bill Renton (retiree), Grants Pass, $150; OMA PAC, Portland, $2,000; Sandy Reed (homemaker), Eugene, $100; SFP-B Limited Partnership, Prineville, $1,000; Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc., Salem, $1,000; Oregon Financial Services Association, Tigard, $500; Oregon Beverage PAC, Portland, $5,000; Brady Adams (bank manager), Grants Pass, $100; Community Bank of Grants Pass, $100; David Oehling (physician), Grants Pass, $450; PGE Employee Candidate Assistance Fund, Portland, $1,250; Oregon Bankers PAC, Salem, $1,000; Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, $1,000; Dan Harmon (construction contractor), West Linn, $2,500; Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Washington, D.C., $500; Albert Smith (timber industry manager), Medford, $500; Safeco Corp., Wilsonville, $250; Waste Management Inc., Houston-Texas, $500; Nick Babick (retiree), Williams, $100; AT&T Northwest, Denver, $1,000; The Wish List, Washington, D.C., $1,500; Stephen W. Smith (retiree), Medford, $150; James Giesen (physician), Grants Pass, $100; Brenda Patton (tax preparer), Grants Pass, $100; Don Gray (transit manager), Grants Pass, $100; William Thorndike (metal fabrication business owner), Medford, $100; Heather Holt (attorney), Grants Pass, $100; Shirley rd (financial consultant), Grants Pass, $150; Oregon Mutual Insurance Co., McMinnville, $500; Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., Portland, $500; AGC Committee for Action, Wilsonville, $500; Miller Brewing Co., Salem, $1,000; Re-Elect Packwood Committee, Washington, D.C., $2,500; Central Oregon Victory PAC, Bend, $100; Clarno for State Senate, Bend, $100; TP Trucking, Central Point, $500; Bettendorf Enterprises Inc., Arcata, Calif., $1,000; Farmers Insurance, Sherwood, $500; Robert Bean (real estate investor), Grants Pass, $250; Oregon Beverage PAC, Portland, $1,000; Dentists of Oregon PAC, Portland, $500; Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association PAC, Salem, $250; Patti Oleson (financial planner), Tigard, $200; Oregon Health Care Association PAC, Portland, $1,000; Professional Adjusters Interested In Democracy PAC, Portland, $250; Glaxo Smith Kline PAC, North Carolina, $500; Oregon Orthopedic PAC, Portland, $500; Foresight Opthalmology PAC, Portland, $500; Willamette Industries Inc., Portland, $1,000; Boise Cascade Corp., Boise-Idaho, $1,000; Martin Hill (physician), Murphy, $270.86; Georgia Pacific, Jacksonville, Fla., $500; Connie Sloper (retiree), Rogue River, $100; Registered Dental Hygienists PAC, Portland, $500; Lindsay Berryman, Medford mayor, $200; Distilled Spirits Council US, Washington, D.C., $500; Distilled Spirits Association, Washington, D.C., $500; Oregon AEA PAC, Lake Oswego, $1,000; Floyd Martin (trucker), Gold Hill, $100; Richard Rassmussen (physician), Grants Pass, $100; Association General Contractors of America PAC, Wilsonville, $250; National Federation of Independent Business-OR Safe Trust, Washington, D.C., $250; Table Rock Holdings, Medford, $500; BGE Properties LLC, Medford, $500; C.A. Morrison (auctioneer), Grants Pass, $100; Jessica Harris (legislative affairs manager), Wilsonville, $100; Marlene King (sign manufacturer), Murphy, $100; CHI PAC (promotes complementary health-care integration), Portland, $500; Gerald Schatz (mobile home park owner), Medford, $300; Aaron Vangelisti (airline pilot), Parker, Colo., $200; Myron Corcoran (mobile home park owner), Medford, $100; Medford-based Howken Investment Corp., Medford, $100; Michael S. Combined Transport Inc., Jacksonville, $100; Madrone Hill Mobile Park, Central Point, $100; Doris McKee (real estate investor), Eugene, $100; Low Income Dental (LID PAC), Salem, $2,500; Oregon Auto Dealers Association PAC, Portland, $250; Orie Boyer (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Jess Calvert Jr. (retiree), Grants Pass, $100; Daniel Hughes (attorney), Grants Pass, $150; Oregon Association of Health Underwriters PAC, Salem, $1,000; American Insurance Association-OR PAC, Salem, $500; OR Insurance PAC, Portland, $500; Jim Clark (recreational vehicle merchant), Grants Pass, $100; Oregon Forest Industries Council PAC, Salem, $10,000; Mark Gibson (trucking company owner), Ashland, $100; Avista Utilities, Medford, $200; Majority 2002 political consulting firm, Tigard, $1,200; Idaho Power, Boise-Idaho, $500; Oregon Smith Fund, Medford, $500.

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