WHITE CITY ' The son/father duo of California-based Tim and Brent Kaeding put their stamp on another sprint car race Tuesday night at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

Tim Kaeding bagged his sixth Golden State Challenge victory of the season but had to hold off his father, Brent, who charged from the middle of the pack and wound up second.

Local favorite Bill Nutter, meanwhile, delighted the crowd of 2,300 fans by taking fifth place in a field of mostly Californians.

Wayne Williams of Monterey, Calif., finished third and Blake Robertson of Vasalia, Calif., was fourth.

Tim Kaeding, of San Jose, Calif., seized the lead on the sixth lap of the 30-lap main event and held it to the finish. He appeared to have complete control of the race, building leads that stretched to 150 yards, but caution flags, lapped traffic and the slick driving skills of his father enabled the elder Kaeding to make it close at the end.
— I knew the old guy was coming, Tim Kaeding said, but my car was set up perfectly for this track, which was dry and rough. He wasn't going to pass me unless I made a mistake or got caught in lapped traffic.

Brent Kaeding, dubbed the King of California because of his 12 Golden State Challenge point titles, said the key to his son winning was getting to the front early in the race.

I had one shot to pass him early but didn't do it, said Brent Kaeding, who hails from Campbell, Calif. After that, he pretty much had his way.

Tim Kaeding, who won the Golden State Challenge points title in 2002, has now won six GSC races in 13 starts and has five other top-10 finishes. He would likely be leading the points race this year but has opted out of several events in order to compete in World of Outlaw races back east.

We're having a good season, said Tim Kaeding, who drives an Eagle chassis. It felt great to win another one.

Tuesday's race was geared for 410 cubic inch engines, but those competing with 360 cubic inch power plants were allowed to compete. Nutter had the smaller engine, and that made his fifth-place showing all the more impressive, especially since he started 14th in the field of 22 cars.

I've been running strong every week this season, but tonight was special because of the competition, said Nutter, who has four victories and two seconds to his credit this season. This new Zeitler chassis that we're running is the best car I've ever had, and Cale Carder has done a great job setting up the motor.

Nutter won a 360 race in Cottage Grove last Saturday and was leaning against running Tuesday against the higher-powered cars. But after seeing his name in the Tuesday suggesting that he would race, Nutter changed his mind.

He walked off with &

36;1,525 in winnings ' &

36;750 for placing fifth in the main event, &

36;700 for emerging as the top 360 finisher and another &

36;75 for winning his heat race.

Golden State Challenge points leader Jason Statler wasn't so lucky. The San Jose, Calif., resident broke an axle coming out of turn two on the 21st lap, crashed into the retaining wall and flipped.

Series points runner-up Andy Forsberg also failed to finish.

Once that axle broke I was just along for the ride, said Statler, who held an ice pack to his bruised right shoulder after the race. It's a bummer. You can't win points titles if you can't finish races. Hopefully, this will be my last DNF (did not finish) in a while.

Most of the drivers headed north to Skatgit Speedway for the &

36;20,000 Dirt Cup, which kicks off Thursday at the track near Seattle, Wash.

Golden State Challenge Results

MAIN EVENT ' 1, Tim Kaeding; 2, Brent Kaeding; 3, Wayne Williams; 4, Blake Robertson; 5, Billy Nutter; 6, Trevor Green; 7, Matt Menne; 8, Kevin Pylant; 9, Roger Crockett; 10, T J Winningham; 11, Jim Skinner; 12, Randy Rodgers; 13, Sean Becker; 14, Ivan Worton; 15, Jason Statler; 16, Andy Gregg; 17, Andy Forsberg; 18, Jerrod Goodnough; 19, Stephen Veltman; 20, Jamye Barnes.

DASH FOR CASH ' 1, Trevor Green; 2, Jason Statler; 3, Brent Kaeding; 4, Wayne Williams; 5, Andy Forsberg;

NO. 2 ' 1, Andy Gregg; 2, Jim Skinner; 3, Billy Nutter; 4, T J Winningham; 5, Blake Robertson; 6, Matt Menne.

FIRST HEAT ' 1, Sean Becker; 2, Brent Kaeding; 3, Andy Forsberg; 4, Andy Gregg; 5, Roger Crockett; 6, Jerrod Goodnough; 7, Matt Menne.

SECOND HEAT ' 1, Billy Nutter; 2, Kevin Pylant; 3, Jason Statler; 4, Trevor Green; 5, Ivan Worton; 6, Jim Skinner.

THIRD HEAT ' 1, T J Winningham; 2, Tim Kaeding; 3, Blake Robertson; 4, Wayne Williams; 5, Randy Rodgers; 6, Stephen Veltman.

FAST TIMES ' Brent Kaeding; 11.864, Jason Statler; 11.964, Tim Kaeding; 11.991, Andy Forsberg; 12.001, Trevor Green; 12.053, Wayne Williams; 12.088, Roger Crockett; 12.128, Kevin Pylant; 12.208, Randy Rodgers; 12.257, Sean Becker; 12.266, Jim Skinner; 12.315, Blake Robertson; 12.419, Matt Menne; 12.447, Billy Nutter; 12.519, T J Winningham; 12.775, Andy Gregg; 12.913, Ivan Worton; 13.044, Jerrod Goodnough; 14.674, Stephen Veltman; 15.257, Jamye Barnes.