Since you asked

How do I go back and get answers for a crossword puzzle? (Jan. 30) I would like to check my answers. Thank you. My boss brought it out the other day and have been working on it. The puzzle number is 0123. Thank you again. You should include the crossword puzzles as part of your online paper.

' Heather S.

Doesn't it make you feel good to fill in the answers that your boss couldn't get, Heather? We believe it's called stickin' it to the man.

Answers are provided the following day for the weekday crosswords. Saturday's crossword key appears below Monday's crossword. Sunday's New York Times crossword answer key is found in that day's paper ' Jan. 30 was a Sunday, so all you have to do is look in that day's paper under the crossword for where the answer key was printed. If you need a back issue of the paper, we have them here at the home office: 111 N. Fir St., Medford ' right at Sixth Street.

As for putting crosswords online, Heather, we've been asked not to because pens and pencils don't write too well on computer screens; and if you use a permanent marker it just ruins your monitor.

Seriously, we don't put everything in the paper on-line, in part because we don't want to give it all away for free. You can subscribe to the New York Times crosswords (which we run on Sundays) online for about &

36;35 a year. Check it out at on the Web.

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