Police say they have new clues in their search for a San Francisco family who went missing a week ago during a vacation in Oregon.

James and Kati Kim and their two young children stopped to see friends in Portland a week ago on their way home. They got back on the road to head to Gold Beach, in southern Oregon where they would stay overnight. But the family never arrived.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Saturday a search of the family's credit card history showed they had stopped for dinner last Saturday night in Roseburg, about 160 miles south of Portland and 65 miles northeast of Gold Beach.

"We don't have any indication of foul play," Sgt. Roger Loomis of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office told KATU-TV. "They were in Roseburg, they had dinner and they left and that's about the only information we have right now."

Also, a citizen said Saturday morning that they saw the family's vehicle in the same area as the restaurant, according to the sheriff's office.

Searchers on snow machines poked into byways along Oregon's Coast Range looking for the family.

"So far, nothing positive to report," Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings said Saturday.

He said searchers in Curry County focused Friday on a twisting mountain road that leads to Gold Beach, where James and Kati Kim and their two children had reservations at a lodge but never arrived.

The road shows up in computer-generated maps showing routes to the coast, Hastings said.

But, he said, there's no evidence the Kims actually took the route, and search and rescue teams found no trace of them.

The family visited friends Nov. 25 in Portland and then headed toward home after a holiday trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Several helicopters, including one from Jackson County and one commissioned by the Kims' family, failed to turn up any evidence of the family, Hastings said.