Exotic and familiar, scents exert their influences on us everyday. In fact, winter just wouldnít be itself without its characteristic fragrances: pine, wood smoke and apple cider among them. Soothing, spicy or just plain down-home yummy, it seems everyone has a favorite fragrance. Have You Heard strolled among Ashlandís holiday shoppers to ask the questions:

Elizabeth Harman
Yes, absolutely, scents change the way I feel. Iíve even made my own perfumes. Bergamot is one of my favorite scents. It really calms me down. I work at a pizza company and I smell those scents all day and it makes me hungry, which I donít like.

Sonia Latimer
Vanilla definitely changes the way I feel. Itís a very smooth scent ó mellow and relaxing. I use it with candles and lotion.

Ahava Jacobson (with Emanuel)
I tend to wear frankincense, amber and myrrh oil a lot because I feel very connected to Judaism. I also love essential oil of rose or jasmine. I read once that rose has the highest vibration of the flowers, so it created an interest for me.

Wendy Hull
Scents call up memories for me. Theyíre grounding, soothing, comforting and really powerful. Sometimes I use essential oils for their scents and other times for the healing properties they have. Iíve developed my own way of applying those properties. Other times I like to make herbal teas to introduce their scent into the house. And I use rose spray in the car to clear out the space, so Iím calm when Iím driving.

Anne Golden
I used to use cologne, but I donít any longer. Too many people are allergic, so I pretty much let it go. I have some lotion with fragrance and I use essential oils ,now. I like mint and rosemary.

Charlotte Hadella
The only scents I use are live scents: lavender from my lavender shrub in the yard, and cut flowers like lilacs and roses. I use scented candles with pine scent, honeysuckle and sandalwood. It reminds me of being outdoors in the woods with the trees. I grew up in rural Virginia, with pine trees and flowers around me.

Mary Sizemore
Gold Hill
I use scents to enhance moods in the house and create a pleasant atmosphere. I use a lot of homey scents, like vanilla and apples and cinnamon. Definitely, cinnamon. I use them especially around the holidays.

Shannon Abney
I use lots of fragrance in my life, mainly lavender. I use it in my bath and on my sheets. I like vanilla as well. I use scents mainly to relax. Fragrance definitely helps me relax.

Christine Compeau
Of course, I like fragrance in just about everything ó shampoo, conditioner, soaps, candles. I even use linen sprays. I like the citrus smells and the ones that smell like home baked goods. On cold, wintry days I like the warm scents like vanilla and spices. In warm weather I use citrus and some floral scents.