Whatís your fondest memory of Medford, and the Rogue Valley in days gone by? What are the biggest changes youíve seen?

Whatís your fondest memory of Medford, and the Rogue Valley in days gone by? What are the biggest changes youíve seen?

Ursula Robichaud
I moved here from New Jersey in 1977 for a very specific reason: outdoor recreation. I bike, ski, hike and swim. I did triathlons here; the most fun was at Lake of the Woods. Iím also very happy here because of the closeness to cultural events, like the Shakespeare and Britt festivals and the college. I have loved every minute Iíve lived here.

Debora McCreedy
I remember the spring pear blossom bloom and the blanket of blossoms that filled the valley. So many of those orchards have fallen to subdivisions. Itís been a difficult change to adjust to.

Ann Wolff
Central Point
Driving along and seeing all the orchards that are no longer here. All the open land we had at one point is gone, but I especially miss the orchards. Weíre getting to be a big city now.

Patty Schoonover
Eagle Point
We have lots of people now. There are not enough buildings for people to live in and too many fast food joints. Iím seeing more people that need help, and the mission, Salvation Army and ACCESS can only help so many people.

Rosena Ringler
Eagle Point
In Eagle Point new subdivisions are coming in and one took down a community center. There arenít too many places for kids to go. Theyíre taking down landmarks and putting in houses. They cut into the community park to build a bridge that goes to subdivisions. That parkís been in Eagle Point a long time.

Melinda Fluck
Gold Hill
I remember living on Sardine Creek and going to the swimming holes. We always had places to ride our horses and now everything is closed off and fenced. I can remember before the freeway went in and Highway 99 was how you went anywhere. It was two lanes going over the Siskiyous.

Marilyn Nelson
I grew up here and lived here all my life. I remember my childhood days. It was quiet and safe here. People were friendlier then. The changes are so many people moving here, more stores and more traffic.

Jane Clausen
I think my fondest memory is of Twin Plunges in Ashland. It was near where the co-op is now. It had a hot and cold pool and a high dive. You proved how brave you were by divingónot jumpingóoff the high dive. I was born here and growth is the biggest change. I grew up in Ashland and there were orchards where there are houses now. You didnít have to go very far to hunt for lizards and they arenít there any more.

Donna Fluge
Central Point
I remember the quiet parks and places to take the kids. We went to Bear Creek Park the most. I miss the small town.