• For-sale signs: Location, location

  • Here are some tips for homeowners on placing for-sale signs:
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  • Here are some tips for homeowners on placing for-sale signs:
    • Location, location. If an installation company is doing the sign work, homeowners who have an underground sprinkler or electrical wires can put a stake in the ground where the sign should be installed to make sure the installers don't pierce hoses or wires. Homeowners should tell the agent, who will relay information to the installers.
    • Your choice. If you choose the location, place the sign as close to the sidewalk as possible without being dangerous. If your house is on a corner, put the sign on the side of the busier street, not the side street.
    • Don't make it an obstacle. Realize the sign will be up for at least three to six months. "Don't pick a spot right in your driveway where you'll pull out and you won't see traffic," says Michael Tiefenworth, owner of Everlast Sign, a Long Island, N.Y., installation company.
    • Notify folks. Notify neighbors, family and friends who may visit that you're selling your house, so when they see the sign it won't shock them, Tiefenworth says.
    • Pet request. Keep dogs inside when you know the installer is coming so they won't bother the workers.
    • Don't want a sign? If you don't want a sign, tell the real estate agent. But recognize that a sign will help sell the house more quickly.
    • Where signs are restricted. Some communities restrict use of signs, Tiefenworth says. Others place restrictions on the size of the sign and the distance from the front of the property.
    • Light it. Some homeowners who have lights on their property turn the lights to illuminate the sign so passersby can see it at night.
    • Landscape it. Motivated sellers and image-conscious homeowners may landscape around the sign.
    • Need a tall post? If the homeowner has high bushes around the property, make sure the real estate agent orders an extra tall post for the sign.
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