With society seeming more and more materialistic, opportunities to teach kids to give seem to come less and less often. Asked how they teach their kids to be generous in an increasingly selfish and 'me-focused' society, parents around the Rogue Valley cited:

Kari Holley, Central Point (four kids)

I think the biggest way is to do for others from a young age. With my kids, the oldest boys, my twins, really like being big brothers and helping with their sister and brother. I think serving others has to start at home.

Cristy Sanders, Medford (two kids)

I guess you try to set an example for them. Hopefully, they are watching you give to others and serving others. I think obviously there are some times of year there's more demand for it but you can always find someone who needs some help and it's important for everyone to do what they can.

Malinda Clair, Eagle Point (three kids)

I think it has to come in a context of traditional values — church, home and family. Through those connections I think we learn empathy and once you can feel what other people are feeling, then you'll want to give and help others.

Angie Ensey, Jacksonville (three kids)

We are raising our kids in a Christian household so they will learn the values of giving and being kind. My daughter loves to give to her friends and all my children are learning to give money to our church and also give things to charity.

Jody Hubler, Medford (three kids)

My children have learned to be generous through the example that my husband and I set by volunteering our time in their activities and in ministries within our church. In other words, we lead by example.

Sandra Page, Medford (two kids)

Kids learn by what their parents do, not by what they tell them. So the best way for me to teach my son is by demonstrating by my own actions. Kids repeat what is done "¦ if I have good manners, he'll have good manners. Kids worship their parents, especially at this age. He's only five and my son already likes to gather up the toys he's outgrown and give them to friends who are less fortunate. We donate diapers and food to people who need them. It's important to set a good example.