They say time heals all wounds, but does time change our emotional reactions as well? Do we "mellow out" as we age? Or do we develop a thicker skin?

They say time heals all wounds, but does time change our emotional reactions as well? Do we "mellow out" as we age? Or do we develop a thicker skin? Have You Heard? headed over to the Multicultural Fair in Medford to ask women: How has aging changed you? How has it changed your emotional nature?

Marie Hebert
It has made me more compassionate and at the same time, more thick-skinned. I'm more fearless because I'm not afraid of what people think about me. Age made me more conscious of the world, and the interaction between human beings.

Ivonne Martinez-Razo
As I've gotten older, I don't feel so volatile. I can be, but not so often. Being Latino, I'm from an emotional people. In America, it seems like it's better to be practical. It's like emotions are fluff. Americans like it better when you cut to the chase.

Denise Shannon
Yes, my nature has calmed extremely over the last five years. My mind is in a different place than it was previously. I retired from the legal field and went to work for a small herbal company. So everything is less stressful. Things changed and I took a different perspective. I follow Wayne Dyer's work, "Things are what they are," which really de-stressed me.

Coya Coulson
The Dalles
There can't be any wounds at my age. I'm old enough to take care of myself emotionally. But the change of life process that we women have to go through has made me re-evaluate my emotions. Different hormonal imbalances can change our outlook on life. At times, I think "life sucks." Life itself is wonderful, but it's the little loops—you have to be a strong person and I am.

Gretchen Schwarz
I've definitely gotten into my matronly side. I'm a mom and have five kids and I'm motherly to my patients. My life is filled with family and work; it takes up all my time. It used to be fun to go out with my friends and play, but now I'd rather go to a family picnic than a bar. I've gotten more serious about life and my family comes first. I make time for my husband and a little romance every day.

Louise Dix
I think I'm a lot calmer than I used to be, but I miss the passion and energy I used to have for everything.

Pam Lucas
On the one hand I don't let things bother me that would have devastated me in my younger days. I'm less hormonal. But I'm not as resilient. Things can knock me down for a long time. When I was younger I was more distracted by work and family. Today I don't have as full a plate, so I have more time to dwell on things.

Debra Lee
I don't think my emotional nature has changed. With the nature of my work in legal services, I have to be deliberate with my words. As a woman supervising others, I have to be balanced and fair. It's high stress, but affects my shoulders not my emotions.