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  • Wine club gives bargains the sip
    An acquaintance says he has a way to enjoy some good wines without paying a high price. Their "wine club" members are constantly on the lookout for sales or special deals on little-known brands that can cut the price of a bottle of wine by two-thirds or more.
    Grocery Outlet, for instance, often has obscure wine labels that are drastically marked down, and sometimes when you take a sip, you know why they were marked down.
    So members of this prestigious wine group take turns buying an inexpensive bottle, sampling it and, if the results are good, notifying other members about the deal and the quantities available at the store.
    A cautionary note for anyone forming a similar club: The Medford Police Department says sampling the wine in the parking lot, whether you are in your car or not, is a violation of a public drinking ordinance, so it's best to take the bottle home for your taste test.
    Take Note!
    Use both sides of pieces of paper. The unused side of junk mail can be note paper. You can use those junk mail reply envelopes if you cover the return address with a sticker. Also be sure to cover the bar code.
    — Ada and Roland Senften, Medford
    Use the backs of paper and envelopes to jot down notes, lists and quick messages.
    — Patti Iverson, Medford
    Make your own copper cleaner
    Use plain ol' table salt and vinegar to clean the bottoms of your copper pots and save on expensive cleaner.
    Take a used small, plastic, disposable condiment bottle (clear plastic works best) and fill it almost to the top with white vinegar.
    Then add table salt and shake. Continue adding salt until no more will dissolve in the vinegar.
    When cleaning, squirt a little vinegar/salt solution on the copper bottom pan. Scrub lightly and rinse.
    — John Littleton, Medford
    When life gives you lemons ... make hand soap
    If you don't have enough money for hand soap and you want to kill all your germs, simply replace it with a piece of lemon.
    Get the juice from the lemon and rub it in your hands, then just rinse with water.
    — Monica Banelos, Medford
    Give yourself some credit ... leave the cards at home
    When shopping, I try to use cash, which is a major deterrent. Credit cards are far too easy to use and add up fast.
    — Phyllis Joy, Phoenix
    The rap against wrap
    I decided one Earth Day about 15 years ago to give up using plastic wrap. Now I save the inside sacks from cereal cartons to cover and or store leftovers, etc.
    Also, reuse grocery sacks, plastic or glass jar containers too.
    I'll never purchase plastic wrap again!
    — Sally McKirgan, Ashland
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