Re-purpose old Christmas cards into new gift tags for next year. This is a great way to use some of those beautiful cards. Cut out designs from the front picture, or use scalloped scissors to cut around the edges. Punch a hole in the top corner. Run old ribbon, string or yarn through the hole and now you have a useful tag for next year. This is a great project to do with your children and at the same time create quality time with them. — Patti Busse, Ashland

Pinpoint the stores on your credit card statement where you're spending the most money. Go on a fast from those stores for a few weeks. For instance, I'm banned from one retailer during January because I'm one of those people who walks in with the intention of just buying toilet paper but ends up with $100 worth of additional items. — Tania Anderson,

When we shop for meat, we buy the smallest of several similarly sized packages. If it's $4 a pound, and there's a 1 pound package and one that's, say .9 pounds, we buy the smaller. We don't miss the few ounces, and I save 40 cents. — Ada and Roland Senften, Medford

A simple way to help save money is by using vinegar as a substitute. Vinegar can be used to clean floors, windows, bathtubs, sinks and degreases items. Surprisingly, this natural cleaning supply also can be used as a fabric softener. Adding one cup of vinegar to the laundry rinse cycle is cheaper and perfect for sensitive skin. — Ashlee DeKorte, Medford

If you have acne, there are other, cheaper ways to get rid of the nasty things. First grab a cucumber and cut the top off, then rub on areas that have acne. Within a few days your acne should be getting better. A second item you can try, believe it or not, is toothpaste. — Kassidy Hall, Medford