Creativity In The Kitchen

Creativity In The Kitchen

Make seven meals for a family of four from 5 pounds of meat. I used this idea in the '70s and '80s.

You can take 5 pounds of turkey (boneless breast), beef (rump roast), pork (rolled or tenderloin roast), lamb (roast), ground beef, chicken (breasts and thighs), etc., and follow the simple recipe formula (no more than 1 pound of meat per meal):

First meal: Cook the roast and serve as sliced pieces of meat with vegetables. Second meal: Make a casserole that uses 2 cups of cooked meat. Third meal: Leftovers from the casserole. Fourth meal: Enchiladas or other ethnic meal that uses 2 cups of meat. Fifth meal: Leftover enchiladas. Sixth meal: A salad with 1 cup of meat. Seventh meal: Leftover meat cooked with vegetables served on mashed potatoes with gravy. Or you can make something like a pot pie. Sometimes I have enough leftover turkey for a few sandwiches, too.

See a couple of suggested turkey recipes with this story on our Web site.

— Charlene McCart, Shady Cove

She's Got Legs, And She Knows How To Use Them

I use my worn-out nylons/knee highs to tie up plants such as cukes or tomatoes.

I also cut them off at the knee, fill them with rice, tie them off and keep adding nylons so the holes are covered.

I then microwave them for 1Â1/2; to 2 minutes, wrap them in a towel and drape them around my neck for a very pleasant muscle relaxant.

Herbs such as lavender could be added, and the whole thing is a lot cheaper than the commercial buckwheat neck-warmers.

— Ada Kirkman

Look Yourself in the Mirror

Before you buy something, ask yourself:

Can I live without this?

Do I need it ... or merely want it?

Do I already have something I can use instead?

Can I borrow it from a friend or family member?

How long will I have to work to pay for this?

Wash Your Hands Of Medical Risks ...

Health experts say the best protection against common viruses and infections is frequent washing of hands. This simple act can save multiple pennies — more likely dollars — in what one might otherwise spend on medicines and doctor visits.

However, effective hand-washing and rinsing requires warm water. For bathroom and kitchen sinks located far from the water heater, this results in wasting water and energy as one waits for warm water to reach the faucet.

... Without Pouring Money Down The Drain

One way to reduce this waste is to keep a 3-4 cup Thermos pitcher containing warm water by the sink.

These containers will keep water warm for up to six hours or so, allowing one to wash up throughout the day without waiting for expensively-heated water to flow through long lengths of heat-sapping plumbing.

— Frank Long, Central Point

Our Daily Crust

When the last of the sandwiches or toast have been made from a loaf of bread, I make use of the crusts in these ways:

1) dice and allow to dry, then spritz with oil and a bit of garlic powder and bake until crisp for croutons;

2) tear in pieces, dry and roll/blend into crumbs; or

3) tear in pieces, dry and put into containers in the freezer for the next bread stuffing. This way I have no waste and also have the advantage of 100 percent whole-wheat croutons, bread crumbs and stuffing.

— Lodi, Ashland