Days of lemon-lime and roses

Days of lemon-lime and roses

Did you receive a dozen roses from your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? Make them last longer with this simple formula: Put your roses in a vase filled half with water, and half with Sprite or 7-Up (any lemon-lime, non-caffeinated soda will do, but it can't be diet).

The National Gardening Association says the soda acts as a preservative and provides energy for the flowers. It also recommends a half-teaspoon of bleach to help control bacteria.

— Anita B., Ashland

Early bird specials

If you go to the supermarket early in the morning (before 9 a.m.) you have a better chance of getting mark down items. Local stores often mark down fresh veggies and fruits, frozen items, milks, and meats.


The issue of wasted toilet tissue

Here's a tip I've used over the years that helps with a large family: When you buy toilet tissue, smash the rolls almost flat.

That way, when the kids use it, it won't come off the roll in great long sheets, just three or four squares at a time.

— Norma Nicholas, Ashland

From little sprouts, big ideas grow

Using a wide-mouth, one-quart mason jar with a plastic screen-lid (any improvised screening will work), I create "salad greens" twice a week with a quarter-cup of mung bean sprouts (most health-oriented stores carry them).

Soak the sprouts covered with 1 cup of water overnight in the jar. Rinse daily (I use my dish drain board), and in three to four days you'll have about 1Â1/2; cups of delicious, nutritious sprouts for salads.

They go well on soups , or with a sandwich, or with avocado, lemon juice and red pepper for a salad. They are inexpensive, easy to grow, and great for you!

— Carol Browning, Ashland