Oregon Healthy Living magazine turns a year old this month, which seemed like the perfect time to launch our first “green” issue.

We’ve spent our first year writing about local residents, doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, farmers, businesses and practitioners of all stripes. That concept of “local” is inseparable from the idea of sustainability, which lies at the heart of anyone’s definition of “green.”

When we launched our first issue in April 2008, we said we would deliver a broad array of stories, ranging from the latest research to the oldest schools of thought.

A glance at the covers below shows we’ve done that, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. Every month we get calls and letters from people suggesting story ideas, and while we have every intention of following through, it’s become clear we can never catch up.

Health is a funny thing. While research is ongoing and new information is constantly emerging, the fundamentals of health don’t change: Eat well, drink water, move, stretch, breathe, be positive and challenge your brain. You’d think we’d run out of ways to say those things.

It’ll never happen, but it’s very fun trying.

If you missed any of the issues from our first year, you can find them online at www.oregonhealthyliving.com. And if you see something we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to let us know. E-mail us at oregonhealthyliving@mailtribune.com. My phone number is 776-8784. We’d love to hear from you.