I have valued the resources of the Southern Oregon Historical Society for 40 years.

I have valued the resources of the Southern Oregon Historical Society for 40 years.

As a retired teacher I've sadly watched the demise of the wonderful educational programs they were able to provide students.

Thirty years ago, the professional staff of the research library made it possible for our South Oakdale neighborhood to do the research to become a National Trust Historic District.

Historic properties were well-maintained. We enjoyed exhibits using the extensive artifacts (not junk) collection.

All this and more have been bled away, the professionals who were able to keep SOHS a vibrant contributor to the culture and economy of Jackson County are gone.

Because it is legal to not provide funding does not mean it is the ethical decision. Taxpayers had a better bargain paying for history as the levy was partially used, now they pay fully what can be collected, paying for everything except history.

I found Commissioner Walker's rambling rant on Wednesday morning spiteful and nonproductive. Saying "rural" residents don't care is demeaning to that population.

It is past time to fund SOHS and other county historical societies, as the right thing for our county, our taxpayers, our heritage. — Vicki A. Bryden, Medford

To all of you wailing about how the Supreme Court's ruling is a perversion of the First Amendment, two points follow:

1. The First Amendment simply says "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech," which is exactly what McCain-Feingold violated by curtailing free speech of some and not others.

2. All you who would prevent corporations from politicking conveniently ignore the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by unions (SEIU, AFL-CIO, public employees, teachers' NEA and AFT), trial lawyers, and miscellaneous nonprofits (who theoretically aren't even supposed to be allowed to do politics).

Incidentally, if you want to get an idea of the unions' power and influence, ask Hillary's presidential campaign manager for details. Individual union members don't get a voice in whom or what their mandatory dues are spent on either. Furthermore, in addition to the dollars, there are all the man-hours expended and their dollar value.

A perfect example of the imbalance of union influence and dollars exceeding corporate involvement was our recent Measures 66 and 67, where unions (especially teachers and public employees) outspent business about two to one, and that's just dollars, which doesn't count all the phone bank activity.

Enough already! — M. Isaak, Medford

David Lewis was brutally arsoned, with his entire home on the Dead Indian Road. Troy Carney was found horribly murdered, sleeping in his sleeping bag on the Greenway.

A year later, a release to the press said the crimes had a "piece of evidence, linking both crimes." It is believed the men never knew one another. Both heinous cases remain unsolved.

There are rewards in both cases. Sheriff Winters has refused to meet with, or speak with, any family members. Killers walk free to kill again.

Multiple families and friends have united in an attempt to bring awareness to the community of these and other multiple crimes.

On Saturday at 6 p.m. in Lithia Park there will be a candlelight justice vigil, honoring the murdered, missing, sexually abused and sexually assaulted.

While we are eternally thankful to law enforcement for investigating these crimes, it is ultimately the sheriff's responsibility to conduct himself in a proper manner.

Winters' responsibility is to the people, not the politico or certain friends and individuals. Saturday at 6 p.m., communities gather for the vigil. We welcome and encourage all to attend, even the sheriff.

We seek justice, because the victims cannot. — Linda Lewis, Ashland