I hold Jackson County totally responsible for the hell they have put Andy Lane through. They have turned this good man's life upside down, and dragged him through the mud.

I hold Jackson County totally responsible for the hell they have put Andy Lane through. They have turned this good man's life upside down, and dragged him through the mud.

While no one "likes the dog catcher," everyone liked Andy! I had never met a more compassionate, job-oriented man who truly loved his job and the animals. Animal Control should be ashamed of themselves for not standing by him.

Why would a man jeopardize a job he loved and has held for more than 20 years? He deserves to have his job back with back pay. Good luck with your lawsuit, Andy, a lot of people are on your side. He should be getting a medal for all the good he has done for animals out of pure love. — Sharyn Arthur, Gold Hill

Thank you for the community support and participation in our Wings of Justice candlelight vigil remembering and supporting the missing, murdered, sexually abused and assaulted.

We unite against these vicious crimes. Our community is standing up for the right to live in a safe place. No child should be marred by sexual abuse, no woman harmed by assault. No one should disappear into unknown oblivion, and no one ever has the right to take another man's life.

One thing we all hope for is to be safe in our homes and streets. Justice must prevail against those who commit these terrible crimes. We thank those who took a moment, at the Justice Vigil or at home, and remembered those who have suffered at the hands of another. We respect and treat others as we would hope to be treated. We seek justice, because they cannot. — Linda Lewis, Ashland

Isn't it amazing how conscientious Republicans have gotten about our national debt, when it was their party — the eight years of the Bush administration — that took us from the economic surplus the Clinton administration left, to economic free-fall — an economic crisis that still threatens the economies of the entire world? Part of which they managed to do by involving us in a war in Iraq that they claimed was part of the response to the 9/11 attack, but which was later revealed to be based on intelligence that they knew was sketchy.

And now, have these same Republicans apologized to the country for their massive screw-ups? Oh no! Now their stated goal is to make life as miserable as possible for our current president. And what's really amazing is that a fair percentage of the electorate has bought into this! It proves to me that part of the electorate must have an attention span of about 15 minutes and a memory that lasts about six months.

I'm very ashamed of some Americans, those that are led around by the nose because they don't make it their business to look for and find unbiased sources of information. — Hartley Anderson, Medford

I am very happy that this year, for the first time in a very long time, Mercy Flights will drive an ambulance in the Pear Blossom Parade. Other years, their crews have been near the parade (on duty), yet not featured in the parade.

As spectators, we get to applaud our firefighters and law enforcement, but never our local Mercy Flights, although they represent a huge percentage of Medford's EMS, and the most local medical transportation hands down.

Truly, these men and women are there for us during our most vulnerable times. Sometimes, they pick us up and treat our bangs and scratches, or stop your child's seizure at 3 in the morning, or save your life even after your heart has stopped beating. The situation differs every time, but some things stay the same: These people will always come. Their work is fast-paced, often thankless, with long hours. They deserve recognition for the assistance, security and safety they provide us with around the clock.

I'll be at the parade this year, and am grateful for the chance to cheer on these "local heroes." So fire up those sirens Mercy Flights; thanks for all you do! — Tiffany Wyatt, Medford