Signs of spring are everywhere. Have You Heard was wondering whether women made changes in their lives to match the changes outside, so we went to the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market and asked, “What traditions do you have to celebrate the spring season?”

Rita Wade
Anchorage, Alaska
Spring comes to Anchorage in the middle to end of May, if we're lucky. We call it breakup, when the snow melts but the ground is still frozen and everything turns to mud. Before that happens, we plan a spring trip to South America or come to visit our daughter in Ashland to shorten our winter.

Cara Wade
I like to go to the greenhouse and get a flat of violas and plant them in pots. It's a bit of color early in the season, and they last a long time. I start gardening, pull all the dead leaves and see what's coming back.

Mary McInerney
I start clearing out the garden, buying starts and deciding what to plant. I actually start walking and exercising more — kind of coming out of the gloom.

Ann Hinds
I don't do anything physical to mark the change. My spirit rises. My mood is lifted, and I love the world. It just comes over me. I believe that we will have harmony in the world.

Caressa Gullikson
I have the windows open a lot more and do a lot of gardening. I rode my bike here and will use its trailer to haul stuff home. It's a time for waking up a little bit and starting new projects.

Rev. Ruth Kirby
First of all, I feel much more open and out. I feel more childlike and want to put my toes in the grass. At home, I open the windows and get fresh air into the house. I do spring cleaning and clearing. I'll help my husband with the gardening. I'm clearing out the nest after winter, when I don't feel like doing as much.

Taurie Rubaloff
I revitalize the house and get in the mind-set of being outside and preparing for planting. I'm excited to be outside and get my vitamin D level up.

Tarra Neff
I've been in Hawaii for the last four years, so this is the first time in a while I've experienced spring. It's time for new ideas and motivation. Winter is time to think about things. Spring is the time to do things. For the first time in a while, I'm going back to school at SOU.