The Medford Sports Hall of Fame might as well have a new motto: Have stars, will travel.

The Medford Sports Hall of Fame might as well have a new motto: Have stars, will travel.

The committee that oversees the legacy of the area's greatest sports heroes, from gridiron to oval, from diamond to court, wants to put the legends and their stories in front of the public again.

"You're talking about some world-class athletes, people who have changed the dynamics of their sport, who are from Medford, Oregon," says Dick Entinger, one of a handful of Hall members on the committee.

He rattles off some of the names: Bill Bowerman, Marshall Holman, Dick Fosbury, Bob Newland.

"I mean, it's incredible," says Entinger, who was in the most recent induction class of 2007 as a special contributor. "Coaches like Prink Callison, Fred Spiegelberg. These are people that pay back to their sport. It's just remarkable."

And, for the last four years, largely invisible.

The Medford Sports Hall of Fame is made up mostly of photos and write-ups. It was on display at a popular restaurant, JJ North's Grand Buffet, for 21 years before the establishment closed in June 2006.

The Hall has been without a home since, but there's a move to resurrect it by making it portable.

The Hall display is comprised of four panels 5 feet wide by 6 feet tall and with room to display members on each glass-encased side.

It has been on display at Rogue Valley Country Club since Memorial Day weekend will remain there through Thursday.

Thereafter, it's available to any group that wants to add pizazz to an event, such as business openings, reunions, festivals, golf, softball and other tournaments, etc.

"Whatever," says Entinger. "We wanted to have the capability of taking the pictures, if you will, to that special event on a temporary basis to allow the community to actually know, No. 1, the Hall of Fame exists, and No. 2, to let people actually see the members."

The hope is that the Hall will eventually have another permanent home.

"The ideal situation would be if somebody opened a restaurant and called it 'Famers' and allowed us to display it there," Entinger laughs.

It should be a place with plenty of traffic, he says. The committee has had preliminary talks with Medford School District officials to see if South Medford High is a possibility when it becomes available after this school year. A new high school opens in the fall. There also have been discussions with the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.

"We're just kind of feeling our way along to try to determine the best venue to display the Hall of Fame," says Entinger.

There are a 130 members in the Hall, and the last induction was in 2007, when 10 people were enshrined.

In addition to Entinger, others to go in then were athletes Bob McIntyre (track and field), Whitney Grant (basketball), Angie Jacobs (softball), Kevin Towers (baseball) and Bob Wolcott (baseball); coaches Dennis Murphy (basketball) and Larry Binney (softball) and special contributors B.G. Gould and Steve Wisely.

The Hall was created in 1985 by the City of Medford in conjunction with its centennial celebration. The Medford Linebackers took over custodial duties, and the linebackers created a committee that would remain intact as new club presidents came and went.

The only other induction, besides the one three years ago, was in 1990. Five more people will be inducted next year.

"We know there's a lot of qualified candidates out there," says Entinger. "Obviously, when you're only inducting five and you have 20 nominations, somebody isn't going to get in. There are people out there we know should be in."

The committee would like to get contact information for Hall members or families of deceased members so it can distribute a newsletter chronicling their exploits. For instance, a couple members — Oregon Tech basketball coach Danny Miles, who surpassed 900 wins, and Marshall Holman, who was inducted into the U.S. Bowing Congress Hall of Fame — were recently recognized.

"So many of these members continue to contribute at a high level in their sport of choice," says Entinger. "We think that's important to the Hall members and would like to get the information to them."

Anyone with member contact information, or who wants to nominate people for the next induction or inquire about sponsoring the 2011 event, can call Entinger (541-773-8548), Don Pinkham (541-773-9400) or Ed Singler (541-772-5360).

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