4 eggs
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 teaspoon Dijon-style mustard
1 to 2 tablespoons minced bread-and-butter pickles, plus juice from pickle jar, as needed
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
Lettuce leaves, for serving
Smoked paprika, to taste

Cover the eggs with tap water in a medium-sized pot. Cover and bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. Remove pot from heat and let rest, covered. Drain and rinse eggs in cool water; allow to rest in cool water for 10 minutes.

Peel eggs, cut in half lengthwise, then into quarters. Mash gently with a fork. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and salt. If mixture seems a little dry, add about a tablespoon pickle juice.

Spoon salad into a bowl lined with lettuce leaves and sprinkle the paprika on top. Serve with slices of good-quality, whole-wheat bread.

Makes 2 to 4 servings.

— Recipe courtesy of Mary Shaw, Ashland Food Co-op culinary educator.