When Rose Malone started dowsing about 15 years ago, she wasn't using the mysterious, ancient craft to find gold or water. She was looking for answers and healing.

When Rose Malone started dowsing about 15 years ago, she wasn't using the mysterious, ancient craft to find gold or water. She was looking for answers and healing.

Since then, the Eagle Point resident has been using her dowsing pendulum — a Herkimer diamond dangling from a thin, silver chain — for just about everything. It allows her, says Malone, to tap into a divine and universal energy, one that can bolster the nutritional value of her food, provide answers to any of her questions, put forth honest, self-reflections and remove negative energy from anything.

"When you do the dowsing, it takes the guesswork out of it," she says, leaning over a freshly baked pizza from Figaro's. "But it's not for everybody."

Malone proceeds to dangle the pendulum a few inches above the pizza and closes her eyes. It begins to swing slowly in a small, clockwise circle, then counterclockwise for a short time before Malone opens her eyes, lays her pendulum down and takes a bite.

"I do that before I put anything in my mouth," says Malone. "Even though I don't have the money to buy organic, I can do this to make it just as good."

Once Malone has finished letting divine energy flow through the pizza by way of her dowsing pendulum, she says she sees the pizza's energy level jump from 60 to 90 percent — on a scale from zero to "far beyond" 100.

"That might have been preservatives. I don't know, but whatever it was, it was negative energy," says Malone. "Doing this with the pendulum reminds you that you are more than just a body."

Malone, who wouldn't reveal her age because she says "it makes no difference," started the Jackson County Happy Dowsers in 2008, a group that meets monthly to practice dowsing together and share their experiences and thoughts. The workshops are open to everyone and take place the second Saturday of each month in Building 223 of the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics in White City.

"It's a service to humanity," says Malone about hosting the workshops. "I want them to experience that happy, upbeat feeling that dowsing can unveil."

The group has six to eight regular members, and the meetings last for about two hours.

Malone, who moved to the Rogue Valley in 1980, says she was skeptical about dowsing the first time she tried it. But when complications with her kidneys began to plague her later in life, she gave it another chance.

"I was very sick, and the information about dowsing that I was getting made sense, instead of so many shots and other things," says Malone. "Doctors spend more time on the physical body instead of unveiling the spirit within."

After three weeks away from doctors, dowsing everyday, Malone improved her energy level to 100 percent, she says, and her kidneys felt great.

"We all have faith in something, whether it be God, love or the doctor," she says. "I have faith in love. The whole universe is held together with love."

The uses of pendulum dowsing go far beyond what people traditionally think of, says Malone. At the workshop, she passes around a stapled instructional packet that includes dowsing maps and charts that show dowsers how to ask different types of questions and monitor their "self-love." One map is for percentage-based questions, another for "yes" or "no" questions and one is for spelling out words and finding numbers.

Dowsers ask questions in their minds and position their pendulums over the appropriate charts. Depending on the type of question, the pendulum will provide the answer by swinging toward the "yes" or "no," for instance, or it will spell out an answer by swinging toward corresponding letters, dowsers believe.

But gaining access to the answers requires honesty, deep thought and faith, says Malone.

"It is the higher power within that does the work, and that higher power is love," says Malone. "The voice of love is very quiet because it will not push you "… but if your soul is ready for the information, then you will enjoy it."

Anyone interested in joining Jackson County Happy Dowsers can contact Malone at 541-326-0143 or email gardenjoy@clearwire.net.