JACKSON - Mourning doves can be found in open grain fields and roosting trees near water. They are fast-flying, graceful, wing-whistling birds that feed on small seeds and grains. A species that is similar but larger and is not a native of our area is the Eurasian collared dove. They are seen around residential areas and have known to visit bird feeders.

A part of the Denman Wildlife Area is closed through October due to habitat restructuring of Little Butte Creek back to its original river channel. The closed portion is the trail along the creek north of Touvelle Road through to Agate Road and over to the Quonset huts. Heavy equipment will be operating in this area, with some truck traffic on Touvelle Road. Construction will continue until the end of October.

With hunting seasons open on the wildlife area, hikers are advised to wear blaze-orange and stay on trails.

DOUGLAS - Vaux Swifts can be seen at Fir Grove Park in downtown Roseburg and other areas gathering for their annual fall migration. At dusk, look for the awesome aerial displays the last hour of daylight, with congregating swifts flying in concentrations forming large vortex's before dropping into the top of their night roosting site.

COOS - Waterfowl are beginning to move south from the northern parts of the Pacific Flyway. Large numbers of ducks will congregate in Coos Bay, Winchester Bay and Coquille Bay. Those interested in seeing these birds will have good viewing opportunities along Highway 38 east of Reedsport, East Bay Road and Cape Arago Highway in Coos Bay and Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge near Bandon.