During meditation one night, Dr. Leonard Laskow had a vision that love is the key to healing.

During meditation one night, Dr. Leonard Laskow had a vision that love is the key to healing.

From there, he realized if you accept that all things — including pathogens — have the right to live, then you can "introduce an intention" to greatly slow their growth rate, allowing the body's immune system to do the rest.

Now retired in Ashland from his ob-gyn practice in California, Laskow lectures widely — France, Switzerland and India are coming up — on ideas from his 1992 book, "Healing With Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others."

Laskow says his game-changing meditation, 35 years ago, came as an "inner luminosity" and an inner voice telling him that his lifework would be "healing with love." He began applying the concept within hours, he says, intuitively sending a "radiant sun" from his heart into the tumor-filled lungs of a struggling colleague. The friend's pain went away and, when they met a decade later, was still gone.

"He said I was a real healer. I realized I was healing with love. It was a miracle, a spontaneous remission. They looked at his X-rays and said, 'This can't be you; there's nothing here.' "

"I can't say I had anything to do with it," notes Laskow. "He yanked out his chemo IV, accepted his fate, wherever it went, listened to Bach and Mozart and felt incredible peace."

Not one to depend on healing light and miracles, Laskow approached these new dimensions within the bounds of science, working with several San Francisco Bay Area labs and universities to quantify what works and checking it against controls and placebos.

Working with human subjects was one thing: They have all kinds of conscious and unconscious mind-sets and behaviors, not to mention cultural and religious inputs, that can skew experiments. The perfect subjects, Laskow decided, were one-celled organisms, which have no enculturation — and presumably no thoughts at all.

"I worked with bacteria and cancer cells in a petri dish. Looking at them through a microscope, I had this epiphany that they are created by the same creator as we are. They have as much right to live as me, though I always regarded them as a pathogen.

"It was a shift in consciousness. All human conditioning dropped away, and all that remained was my and this bacteria's consciousness. We resonated and became one, and that's the important secret. When I totally and unconditionally accept them, that's another way of saying 'love.' "

In this "loving field," Laskow "introduced an intention" that the bacteria reduce their growth rate. He got a 50-percent reduction compared with controls (bacteria to which nothing was done), he says. Working with cancer cells in a tissue culture, Laskow says he reduced the growth rate by 40 percent.

"The intent is not to destroy them," he says. "You come in loving resonance with them, then introduce the new intention. If you reduce the growth rate, the T cells can finish the job."

If love and a shared, sympathetic understanding between us and "pathogens" can achieve healing, then, clearly, we humans are conditioned with some serious baggage that prevents that.

True, says Laskow. It's that sense of separation, not just from other people, but from self, environment and the divine forces behind everything.

"It comes from that cultural, societal belief and judgment, from seeing others as different, which they are, but mistaking that for separation — or it could be real wounds early in life or interpretations of events, leaving beliefs such as 'I'm not good enough' or 'I was a mistake.' "

The trick about such healing, he notes, is not to make your mind or heart do something, but "to realize, in the deepest sense, that this sense of separation is what's making us sick — that and our resistance to what is, which is oneness."

Maintaining this sense of illusory separation takes a lot of energy. Freeing up that energy allows it to be redirected, says Laskow, to healing with love.

Cancer, based in our own cells, should be envisioned like this: The body is an orchestra of 50 trillion cells all playing the same music, except there's a small group of musicians totally out of harmony, and you are the conductor.

"You have to relate to them, make contact with them," he says. "In lab research, I worked with five intentions and found the most effective one is: 'Return to your natural order and harmony of prehyperactive cell life.' "

Laskow calls his work HoloEnergetic Healing, something he has taught at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Calif., for 14 years in a series of workshops called "Open to Oneness Through Love, Awakening Your Healing Heart and the Art and Science of Healing With Love."

Laskow occasionally leads workshops locally. He does phone and private consultations in Ashland and can be reached at 541-482-3033 or leonard@laskow.net. He has a Facebook page, and his website is www.laskow.net.