• Buy Rogue Valley: Wild Bill's Hot Dills

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  • Product: Wild Bill's Hot Dills. Spicy, hand-packed dill pickles.
    Company: Wild Bill's Hot Dills, Jacksonville. Owners: Bill and Connie Winningham; 541-899-7963.
    Price: $5 to $10, depending on size and location.
    Available at: The Butcher Shop, Oregon Outpost, Gary West Meats, Bella Union, Black Bird, Cherry Street Market, Frank's Deli, Taylor's Sausage, West Hills Country Store, White's Produce.
    Buy Rogue Valley is a regular feature of the Mail Tribune focusing on consumer products made and sold in the Rogue Valley. Tell us about a locally produced product that could be included in this feature by emailing information to buyrogue@mailtribune.com. Please limit product information to no more than 25 words and include a .jpg image of the product with your submission. (Non-packaged foods and wine will not be considered for this feature.)

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