In writing this bucket list, I am going to assume since we are wishing, that there is plenty of money and time available (which in reality, there is not).

In writing this bucket list, I am going to assume since we are wishing, that there is plenty of money and time available (which in reality, there is not).

1. I would take a helicopter ride over the valley. I've always dreamed of flying in a helicopter, just never could afford it.

2. I would go and listen to Judy Collins sing at the Craterian. The Craterian is a beautiful theater and the experience of seeing any performance there stays in your heart forever. Also, Judy sings a truly breathtaking "Amazing Grace."

3. I would take the Harry and David Tour again, just for fun. It's really cool to watch them make all the yummy goodies that they make, plus at the end they give you free samples.

4. I would take my son back over to Jaspers and let him order whatever he wants, because they make some of the most delicious hamburgers in the valley.

5. I would go to the Rogue Valley Mall and wander for hours through some of my favorite stores (Sam Goody, Class E. Professor) and stop for lunch at the Food Court.

6. I should make sure to go to the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market to pick up the freshest produce and baked goods and see my friends at least once this year.

7. I would like to have the nerve to go and watch the Scoot and Weavers dance.

8. I would go back over to Jacksonville, stop at Gary West Meats and get some truly tasty beef jerky, plus sample something new, and then go downtown to the candy shop to buy some old-fashioned candy like I had when I was a kid. Then I would work up the nerve to beg the owners of the Nunan House for a tour of their incredible Victorian (a dream I've had for years).

9. I would rent a theater at Tinseltown and take all my friends to see "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" in 3D because it was such a great kids story and to see it in 3D would be astounding. Then we'd go to Coldstone for some yummy ice cream.

10. I would fill the car with gas and drive from one end of the valley to the other hitting all my favorite places: the Chickadee Shop in Shady Cove full of plants and whatnots; Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point, with its friendly staff and delightful pancake mixes and fresh ground grains; and the Grange Co-Op in White City, where you can always find something nice for the garden.

Then I'd stop at the Olive Garden for lunch (I've only been once, but the food sure was delicious). Afterward, I'd go by the Central Point library and pick out some of my favorite books and videos and look at its displays; the volunteers are so friendly. I'd pop into the Phoenix Growers Market and see what fresh items they had in season (fruits and veggies), and in Ashland I'd revisit Lithia Park and maybe feed the ducks, stop in at the candy shop and buy some fudge and maybe, just maybe, stop at that fancy hotel downtown and see what the lobby looks like — always wanted to, just never had a good reason. What a day!

— Deborah Bigham, Medford