• Midwife: Augstine Colebrook

    Favorite midwife / doula
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  • Individualized care in both the prenatal period and during delivery are important in our feel-like-a-number society, according to Augustine Colebrook of Wise Women Care Associates, 400 Crater Lake Ave., Medford.
    “Family, women-centered care is at the heart of what I do,” says Colebrook. “I get to know my clients. I know the names of their family members and spend time with them, too.”
    Colebrook is a certified professional midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives and is licensed through the state of Oregon.
    Her approach to birthing goes far beyond delivery.
    “We're not just a clinic; we're doing emotional counseling, pre-natal and postnatal counseling on site,” says Colebrook. “It's not a book-learned experience.”
    Colebrook is classically trained through the age-old apprentice system. In her profession, one-on-one training is essential.
    “I've been catching babies since Mother's Day 1999,” Colebrook says. “Now I'm a preceptor in my clinic, and I have seven students.”
    Other favorites: Laura Roe, Ashland; Veege Rudiger, Oak Grove Midwifery, Ashland