For a couple of men's super senior division golfers who always compete in the Southern Oregon Golf Championships, you'd think Dan Dixon and Bob Maentz would have crossed paths many a time.

For a couple of men's super senior division golfers who always compete in the Southern Oregon Golf Championships, you'd think Dan Dixon and Bob Maentz would have crossed paths many a time.

Not so, said Dixon. When they played a second-round match in the championship flight Friday, it ended a drought of about 30 years since they'd met in the 83-year-old tournament.

They made up for lost time, going 22 holes before Dixon's par held up for victory on the fourth playoff hole.

"Man, that was a battle," said Dixon. "Both of us played extremely well.

"I think I finally wore him out."

It wasn't the only epic battle in championship flights at Rogue Valley Country Club. Brandon Taylor, who won the Rogue Valley Stroke Play Championships on Sunday, needed 22 holes in the men's regular division to dispatch Will Street, who will be a senior at St. Mary's High this fall.

In the same division, Joey Rossknecht ousted three-time champion Brooks Newsom, 4 and 3, and R.O. Gamez defeated Richard Owens, 1 up. Newsom and Owens later played three holes to determine medalist after tying for the honor in qualifying earlier in the week, and Newsom won.

Defending champion Kevin Murphy and Jimmy White each advanced, setting up what should be a good match today. Murphy will be a senior at Rogue River High and has verbally committed to play for Oregon State. White is a former Oregon player who played professional mini tours for three years.

Mike Barry, a former North Medford High state champion who is going after his fourth title, triumphed and today will play current Black Tornado golfer Daniel Schuler, who will be a junior.

Men's junior-senior winners included Brad Bills and Jay Klemp, who meet today, and Tommy Smith. As in the men's regular, a playoff determined medalist, with Brooks Gard topping Bills.

In men's senior, medalist Glen Clark and Kevin Klabunde, winner of three straight championships, advanced.

Barb Pinkham had the highlight of the senior women's division, making a hole-in-one on the ninth hole during a 7-and-6 victory over Sue Hunter. Gail Jones, meanwhile, topped defending champion Judy Slater, 3 and 2, in pool play.

Dixon is no stranger to extra holes. He twice went 21 holes against Jim Smith, in 2002 and '04, and both times lost the SOGC senior title in the process.

He hadn't gone to a 22nd hole before.

"I am tired, my friend," he said. "That is a long day. But we had a good time."

In part because the play was very good. Dixon, 66, was 1 over par for the entire match, and the 75-year-old Maentz — the division medalist — was 2 over.

"It was nip-and-tuck all the way," said Dixon, who got to 2 up through 12 holes. They halved the next two holes, with Maentz draining a 15-foot putt to tie on No. 14, and he made birdies on Nos. 16 and 17 to get all square.

They each finished with pars on Nos. 17 and 18, then went back to the 17th to start the playoff. They parred the same two holes, then went back again, parring the 17th before Dixon emerged on No. 18.

Both players hit nice drives on the 22nd hole, but Maentz pulled his approach shot left of the green and failed to get up and down. Dixon hit the green and made par.

He may or may not have worn out Maentz, but Dixon wondered if he wore out himself.

"You get tired after that many holes and that much concentration," said Dixon. "The mental part wears you down more than the physical part."

He faces Bob Harrell today. Harrell has captured the senior division six times and is trying to tie all-time leader Ed Godden, who had seven.

"Harrell was there the whole time," said Dixon. "He said, 'Keep playing. I get one of you tomorrow.'"

While they haven't been paired much in the SOGC, Dixon and Maentz were partners for three days in the RVCC club championships, with Dixon taking first and Maentz second.

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S.O. Golf Championships


Kevin Murphy d. Edward Pulpan III, 7 and 6; Jimmy White d. Daniel Wozniak, 4 and 3; Joey Rossknecht d. Brooks Newsom, 4 and 3; Brandon Taylor d. Will Street, 22nd; Mike Barry d. John Warner, 2 and 1; Daniel Schuler d. Travis Brink, 4 and 2; R.O. Gamez d. R. Owens, 1 up; Jon Robinson d. Thomas Avalon, 1 up.


Alfonso Powers d. Adam Huycke 3 and 1; Alex Hobson d. Bryan Brutke, 3 and 2; Kevin Blum d. Jeffrey Morgan 2 and 1; Taylor Garbutt d. Justin Azevedo, 2 up; Ryan Schaefer d. Kelly Owen, 3 and 2; Michael Standfield d. Justin Duncan, 4 and 3; Ryan Hawkins d. Brandon Crossier, 3 and 2; Brandon Fields d. David Mayer, 4 and 2.


Brad Bills d. Marty Morlan, 1 up; Jay Klemp d. Geoff Loomis, 1 up; Hank Munn d. Tim Trower, 5 and 3; Don Gorman d. Bob Sprenkel, 3 and 2; Erick Doolen d. Jim Anderson, 2 and 1; Tim Hornecker d. Gary Sterton, 1 up; Keith Dierkes d. Eric Hansen, 3 and 2; Tommy Smith d. Kevin Dixon, 3 and 2.


David Culbertson d. Jim Mansfield, 1 up; Bret Breeze d. Joel Jessel, 2 and 1; Steve Taormino d. Rick McCabe, 6 and 4; Dale Eklund d. Bret DeForest, 2 up; Todd Neilson d. Tom Pepple, 1 up; Jason Cox d. Scott Moore, 2 and 1; Derek Davis d. Brooks Gard, 3 and 1; Mark Holden d. Todd Dixon, 1 up.


Brian Adolph d. Mark Laurance, 1 up; Rob Neff d. Dave Judd, 2 and 1; Dewayne Robinson d. Eric Artner, 2 and 1; Steve Connell d. Eddie Bostwick, 1 up; Glenn Kilroy d. Kevin Jones 1 up; Todd Ostenson d. Brent Barr, 2 up; Rick Jackson d. Kevin Jones, 2 and 1;Craig Knips d. Dan Westbrook, 2 and 1.


Rich Warner d. John Hall, 2 up; Scott Reed d. Les Cracraft, 1 up; Dennis Richards d. James Paesley, 1 up; Gregg Hall d. John Walker, 4 and 3; Alex Mann d. Jerome Kersey, 3 and 2; Tom Jones d. Joe Mahar, 1 up; Gordon Humphrey d. Terry Clement, 3 and 2; Jerry Quast d. Matt Sorenson, 2 and 1.


Bud Bowie d. James Figueroa, 1 up; Lance Hunter d. Christian Carrigan, 2 and 1; Mike Jones d. Joe Salamone, 1 up; Brian Mosier d. Kevin Gowland, 7 and 6; Don Boucher d. Mark Chatelain, 1 up; Jim Ratzlaff d. Jack Lewis, 1 up; Michael Diehl d. Jeffrey Adamson, 3 and 1; Tony Nieto d. Mike Snyder, 6 and 5.


Kevin Klabunde d. Bob Capsey, 2 and 1; Alex Merkner d. Robert Tennant, Mark Wilson d. Robert Stassi, 3 and 2; 1 up; Bob Cox d. P. Daggitt, 20th, Glen Clark d. Doug Ward, 6 and 5; Robert Husel d. Chet Gonczeruk, 5 and 4; Steven Wood d. Greg Miller, 1 up; M. Holman d. Craig Galpern, 1 up.


Jerry Eklund d. Jim Multerer, 1up; Bob Crews d. Tommy Powley, 1 up; Howard Hunt d. Mark Weiss, 2 up; Terry Anderson d. Billy Crenshaw, 1 up; Ken Stringer d. Gary Loeb, 5 and 3; Larry Garvin d. Bill Allen, 1 up; Jim McCabe d. Brian Odell, 1 up; Mel Friend d. Bill Drewien, 7 and 6.


Norm Veronneau d. Ron Howard, 3 up; Mark Slezak d. Dane Smith, 3 and 2; Ron Harvey d. Steve Ausland, 2 and 1;Ron Lewis d. Gary Gage, 2 and 1.


Dennis Slattery d. Roger Peck, 1 up; Terry Smith d. Wayne Van Wey, 4 and 3; Warren Wagner d. M. Gleason, 10 and 8; Scott Weaver d. Peter Grosslight, 1 up.


Billy Bednar d. Terry Buntin, 4 and 3; Bernie Fraser; Mark Artner d. Scott McGeary, 19th; Wm. Milimuka d. Brent Orrico, 5 and 4. Scott Swendiman d. Bernie Fraser.


Terry Buntin d. Nick Hodel, 2 up; Gary Glass d. Thomas Purtzer, 1 up; Chuck Bork d. Gary Bates, 5 and 3; Doug Hartley d. Rick Holcom, 3 and 2.


Ed Knight d. Dan Fowler, 4 and 2; Don Pinkham d. Craig Pewitt, 6 and 5; Cliff Barnett d. Joe Hubbard, 1 up; Jim Hauck d. Henry Burgoyne, 8 up.


Lee Fortier d. John Watt, 1 up; Jim Zauher d. Darrell Flora Sr., 3 and 2; Tom Groves d. Ron Moore, 2 and 1; Dan Kosmatka d. Scott Lubich, 4 and 3.


George Mack d. Dodd Samuel,, 2 and 1; Tom Fischer d. Terry Newsom, 2 and 1; Dan Dixon d. Bob Maentz, 22nd; Bob Harrell d. Bruce Hanson, 2 and 1.


James Achenbach d. R. Hassman, 19th; Dick Brekke d. John Dunkin, 2 and 1; Fred Ferreira d. Ken Bailey, 2 and 1; Thad Hodgdon d. Al Raduski, 2 and 1.


Michael Miller d. Mike Anthony, 5 and 4; Dave Mansfield d. Ron Primasing, 1 up; John Kruesi d. Tom Hamlin, 1 up; Arn Wihtol d. Harvey Myers, 19th; Bruce McDonald d. Chuck Kenney, 2 up; Dick Entinger d. Larry Schmaltz, 3 and 2; Jim Hatton d. Dennis Ramsden, 1 up; Mike Hornbeck d. Gary Mann 2 and 1;


David Rasmussen d. Wendell Towe, 4 and 3; Ron Dixon d. Stephen Warrington, 1 up; Michael Goldman d. Michael Trovato, 1up; John Root d. James Ramsden, 1 up.


Dick Kari d. C. Jan Garner, 1 up; Fuzz Primasing d. George Parsons, 2 and 1; Robert Methvin d. Dick Sorenson, 2 up; Gordon Carrigan d. Howard Phearson, 3 and 2.


Bob Hutchins d. Ken Gilmore, 3 and 2; John Anhorn d. Pat Iribarren, 1 up; Ray Smith d. Tom Barry, 19th; Bob Ferrari d. Roger Dawes, 19th.


Bob Reed d. Joe Sayre, 1 up; Ronald Van Vleet d. Bob Rickabaugh, 2 and 1; James Adamson d. Phil Gossner, 1 up; Bob Glover d. Don Todd 1 up.


Gail Jones d. Judy Slater, 3 and 2; Claudia Robbs d. Shelley Lehrkind, 2 up; Deb Cordell d. Deb Stuart, 20th; Barb Pinkham d. Sue Hunter, 7 and 6.


Sharon Krauss d. Cindy Fortier, 2 and 1; Allison Meyers d. M. Metzger, 2 and 1; Janet Stark d. Alex Hunt, 3 and 2; A. Van Daam d. Janis Crenshaw.


LeeAnn Loftin d. Teri Mayer, 1 up; Dana Carrigan d. Jan Selby-Hughes, 1 up; Tory Nieto d. Tammie Allen, 1 up; Cathy Dunlap d. Tina Blum, 3 and 2.


Peggy Tomlins d. Coral Edwards, 1 up; Sharon Swartsley d. Sandra Wagner, 6 up; Maggie Kilroy d. Julie Austad, 19th; R. Harrington d. Nancy Gish, 3 and 2.

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