Your front page story, "Citizens arrest goes wrong for 2 local men" reads like something from a science-fiction apocalypse drama.

Your front page story, "Citizens arrest goes wrong for 2 local men" reads like something from a science-fiction apocalypse drama.

What were these men thinking? Anyone who's ever been arrested knows how humiliating the process can be — especially when abuse is involved, done by either side. For these two to pour onto the fire more fuel than was required to defuse the situation reeks of police-state mentality in the ranks of the populace.

The absolute worse thing a person can do after receiving such abuse themselves at the hands of authority is to turn around and perpetrate it themselves — the police-state cruelty is a cancerous disease that can be overcome by people who have a sound character to begin with. If not, any abuse from authority just shows up down the line somewhere.

What are people to do when they get completely fed up with intrusive laws, greedy authority figures, petty theft and selfish, insincere "moochers and poachers?"

These two men might have taken the opportunity to help guide the young perpetrators into a better life and more productive choices. Shame on them for placing their cannabis operation above their duty to the next generation to be an example for good, not evil. Shades of gray are not permissible once society reaches police state. — Evelyn L. Myers, Williams

It took my breath away! Was anyone watching when it was announced our school administrators were to receive 6.2 percent increases in pay? Where is the outrage?

Here is the thing: 24 million people are unemployed. People who are working received in the range of 2 percent increases this year.

The cost of educating a child from kindergarten through 12th grade has increased 375 percent (inflation adjusted) to more than $150,000 per student since 1970. That's about $11,500 per year. At the same time, scores in reading, math and science have dropped or remained flat.

I don't know about you, but I'm really sick of pouring money into a system that gets no results. An $8,865 increase in base salary for our superintendent, Phil Long, along with another $2,900 "stipend"? That's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure he's a nice person, but what did we get for another $11,765 besides the same zero improvement? This is morally and ethically wrong, and not a peep from anyone. Wow. — John Underwood, Medford

I am an avid fisherman. The Oregon Fishing Regulations warn about toxic mercury in Oregon's lakes and rivers.

The source of mercury is primarily emissions from coal-fired power plants. The Republicans have thwarted efforts to limit mercury emissions and have tried to gut the Clean Water Act. Other pollutants are PCBs, dioxin and pesticides. All are especially harmful to women of childbearing age and children. Just a few of the waters tested follow:

Emigrant Reservoir — very high mercury; Columbia River — PCBs, dioxins, pesticides; Willamette River — high mercury levels, PCBs, dioxin, pesticides; Antelope reservoir — very high mercury; Cottage Grove Reservoir — very high mercury; Jordan Creek — very high mercury; Galesville Reservoir — high mercury.

What a sad commentary on our beautiful Oregon, a state in which years ago even Republicans valued clean water. Fellow sportsmen, responsible citizens, you and I know what to do in November. — Don Morris, Ashland