MT is a centrist rag

In Thursday's letters to the editor, John Severance opined "the MT is a right-leaning newspaper." This opinion is apparently owing to the abundance of political cartoons unflattering of the GOP.

Less than a week before that, another reader declared the MT a fount of "liberal propaganda." I'm guessing this individual is oblivious to George Will's garrulous ranting below the fold on the Opinion page. With partisans from opposite ends of the political spectrum declaring you biased, could it be the MT is an unabashed centrist rag pandering to moderates and independents?

Kudos to my local "Lamestream Media" source, the Mail Tribune. Please keep up your good work. — Mike Harmes, Central Point

Two possibilities

I've come to the conclusion that either (1) there are two editions of the MT, one biased left and one biased right or, (2) Mr. Severance's politics are so far left, dare I say full-blown socialistic, that to him the MT appears right biased! Contrary to his conclusion, most readers are well aware that the MT is decidedly left biased, in keeping with print media outlets across the country. — Gaither B. Everett, Medford

Parker was candid

In her Wednesday column, Kathleen Parker was unusually candid about her opinion of the ability of Americans to think: "... otherwise defined as an inability to think for more than two minutes about anything more complicated than oneself." — Eugene Thomas, Medford

The choice is clear

Voting is really quite simple. If you want your vote to go for improving peoples lives, vote Democrat. If you want your vote to go to big business and your tax money spent on wars, vote Republican.

Kitzhaber, Wyden and DeFazio have been agressive advocates of ordinary people, the working class and retirees. The Republican Party want to privatize everything from the Postal Service to public schools.

Isn't it time for the very rich to be paying their share of the tax burden? The middle class is going down the tube and soon, if the trend continues, our country will look just like Mexico with the very rich and the poor. The choice is quite clear. — Dorothy Butler, Medford

Go figure

I am usually full of praise for the U.S Postal Service, but I find it really hard to praise them when my neighborhood letter carrier puts a package clearly marked "Perishable-Refrigerate at Once" into a hot, metal, neighborhood central mail delivery station with the sun shining and the temperature in the low 90s. So instead of a beautiful box of gourmet chocolates ordered as a gift for my birthday, I received a box full of little melted chocolate puddles.

Yet our Postal Service wonders why they're going broke and people aren't mailing things like they used to. Go figure! — Jeff Blankenhorn, Medford

Reader Reaction
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