Not too far in Oregon's future I will be able to pick up the Sunday newspaper and look for "Marijuana Tastings." I'll follow a published route and sample the different blends of marijuana at different grow sites.

Not too far in Oregon's future I will be able to pick up the Sunday newspaper and look for "Marijuana Tastings." I'll follow a published route and sample the different blends of marijuana at different grow sites.

I won't overindulge, just a few tokes at each site. My children will be in the car watching, but they will have to wait till they grow up to repeat what Mommy and Daddy did. — Chuck Brook, Medford

On Nov. 6, I urge you to vote yes on Measure 15-115, the bond measure that will pay for a new indoor 50-meter pool at Hawthorne Park and a new pool at Jackson Park.

This proposal does not include a water park. That idea was downsized in favor of the current pools proposal after city officials heard from the citizens. A modest increase in property taxes (average Medford homeowner, $31 per year) and park utility fee (73 cents per month) is a small price to pay for the long-term benefits to Medford.

Vote yes for Medford. Vote yes for the kids. Vote yes for the positive economic benefit expected from swim meets and out-of-town visitors. And vote yes for a revitalized Hawthorne Park. Visit for more information and conceptual images. — Frank Hoper, Swim Medford PAC

It's amusing that when the timber industry protests a project, George Sexton is worried about the "big boys" scaring small companies away from the sale. Amusing because Sexton's own group, KS Wild, appealed Speaking Coyote, the other BLM sale auctioned Sept. 13. One wonders why American Forest Resource Council's protest is more concerning than Sexton's own.

In fact, both sales were purchased by local small business Rough & Ready Lumber Co., a member of AFRC. AFRC's membership spans all sizes of business. The dichotomy that Sexton is selling between big and small companies just does not exist here.

AFRC does not make the decision to protest a BLM project lightly. In this case, we decided it was important to call the agency out for ignoring the Northwest Forest Plan, taking forest management in a new direction without allowing the public to comment on that new direction. This is not about big logs or small logs. It is about requiring the government to obey the law. — Andy Geissler, Western Oregon field forester, American Forest Resource Council, Eugene

Republicans failed to convince anyone sane that President Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist who hates America, so now, after demonizing him for years, they're accusing him of being divisive — shameless hypocrites.

They also blame him for our economic woes. News flash: The recession happened on Bush's watch. Working together we could have had a stronger recovery, but Republicans, obsessed with making Obama fail, wouldn't do anything but obstruct and filibuster.

Everybody knows what caused our downfall: unfunded wars, massive tax cuts and deregulation that left the markets free to pillage at will.

How would Republicans fix this mess? The same way they got us into it, of course, more military spending, more tax cuts and more deregulation — especially for their cronies on Wall Street. But don't worry, they'll pay for it by gutting social programs such as Medicare.

Now do you remember why we voted for a Democrat? — Michael Steely, Medford

I am supporting Jeff Scroggin for Jackson County commissioner.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Jackson County Planning Commission since 1996, and during that time I have heard over and over, from people all around the region, "How can we revitalize the timber industry?" I know Jeff has that concern also.

One of the ways to invigorate the timber business is to manage the woodlands similar to the successful timber sale of the environmentally sensitive Pilot Joe area in the Applegate watershed. Jeff supports this new style of forest management, which can help bring back living-wage jobs and protect our forests for multiple uses.

Soon, because of Gov. Kitzhaber's executive order No. 12-07, there will be a very important regional land-use planning project. It may well affect the regional definition of what is farm and forestland, along with the uses that will be allowed in these areas. I believe Jeff Scroggin will provide the balance and legislative experience necessary to ensure the current livability of Jackson County is maintained for all the residents of the region.

Please vote Jeff Scroggin this November. — Don Greene, Ashland