GOLD HILL — City officials Monday announced the hiring of veteran administrator Dale Shaddox as interim city manager.

GOLD HILL — City officials Monday announced the hiring of veteran administrator Dale Shaddox as interim city manager.

The semi-retired Eagle Point resident spent three decades managing cities and towns in California before venturing to Oregon eight years ago.

When he reports to work on Monday, he'll take the reins of his seventh Oregon city.

While he expects to view the city's day-to-day operations with "a fresh pair of eyes," Shaddox said he and city officials had discussed current issues and projects prior to his hiring.

At the top of the list are public works projects, auditing of all spending going on at City Hall and a planned skateboard park for which a $150,000 grant was recently awarded by state parks officials.

Shaddox said he enjoys solving problems and helping cities get on solid financial footing and finding a permanent manager.

He's served as interim manager in Brookings, Newport, Shady Cove, Phoenix, Talent and Myrtle Creek.

Shaddox has been given a six-month contract in Gold Hill but that can be extended if necessary, he said.

"My specialty these days is very small towns where the city council might be struggling but they're wanting to do important things for the communities," Shaddox said.

"My sense from the (Gold Hill) City Council is that the group really wants to work together and to work hard for the citizens. I really enjoy helping communities and city councils do important things, so I think it's going to be a good match."

Councilwoman Donna Silva said the timing of Shaddox's hiring "couldn't be better," with an election just around the corner.

"My hope is that he will help us to make the city run professionally and in a way that we get things right the first time," she said.

"I hope he'll come in and audit all the departments, find out where we're wasting money and where we need to have more money so we can do the best job possible for the citizens."

She added, "I think he's the guy we've been looking for and I think his reputation precedes him. He's just what the doctor ordered."

Shaddox said when a city manager position becomes vacant, there are oftentimes several serious issues to deal with.

"My specialty is identifying what those problems are and working with the City Council to get them addressed right away."

The city has been without a manager since Elise Cunningham was placed on leave and terminated from her position in April 2011.

Before Cunningham, the city went five years without a manager, relying on City Recorder Mary Goddard to handle day-to-day tasks at City Hall.

City officials plan to hold a second council meeting at 6 p.m. Monday to review issues tabled this week, pending the arrival of Shaddox.