When I heard Jeff Scroggin, who is running for Position 2 on the county Board of Commissioners in November's election, speak to his concerns for Jackson County, he had my vote.

When I heard Jeff Scroggin, who is running for Position 2 on the county Board of Commissioners in November's election, speak to his concerns for Jackson County, he had my vote.

I am convinced he has the energy and vision, knowledge of the legislative process, leadership experience honed while serving in the military, and a refreshing nonpartisan attitude. He will work cooperatively with the other commissioners. He is particularly focused on his desire to bring living wage jobs for families to our valley.

In this climate of political chaos, distrust and partisan obstructionism on the national scene, my hope is restored to know a person of Jeff's leadership abilities and trustworthiness is willing to serve the citizens of Jackson County.

Mr. Scroggin has my vote for Position 2 for the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. My hope is that he has your vote, too. — Patricia Parish Kuhn, Medford

Speaking from a physician's perspective, I believe that swimming pools are beneficial to a community.

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic that often leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and other health issues. A community pool gives children and adults a place to play and exercise, and does not require an expensive membership. There are few places to swim in our city.

A pool also is a place to learn how to swim. We want our children to know how to respect and enjoy the water; after all, it covers 70 percent of our planet. Learning to swim clearly reduces the risk of drowning.

Personally, I have great memories of growing up swimming at the community pool in Fostoria, Ohio. I feel we owe it to the next generation as well, and will vote yes for the community pool project. — Kent Dauterman, M.D., Medford

I just watched the Mitt Romney video explaining how Bain Capital acquires companies and later "harvests" profit for investors. This brought to mind a get-together this summer where I met a gentleman whose 30-year career and pension at Harry & David was "harvested" by a similar equity capital company, Wasserstein.

Now the Pension Guaranty Fund, overstressed and underfunded by multiple "harvests" dating back to Enron or further, is paying his hard-earned pension.

What may we expect if we elect Mitt Romney? I think a crop carefully tended for 30 years should go to the person who tended and grew it, not to the harvester. — Jim Akins, Phoenix

The parallels between the decline of Britain and the path the Obama administration is pursuing — appeasement and promotion of an entitlement society — are frightening.

In the 1930s, Europe and America refused to face the threat of fascism. In 1938, Neville Chamberlain declared "Peace in our Time" after signing a treaty with Hitler that was broken one year later with the invasion of Poland. World War II began. Churchill and Roosevelt led the allies to victory, but Britain's power was diminished. The years that followed saw the dissolution of an empire and an electoral disaster that institutionalized "cradle to grave security."

Obama is following the same path — appeasement — in his policy with Islam, a society that considers women to be chattels, and an entitlement society the costs of which are unsustainable. Unemployment will remain high and our standard of living will deteriorate.

Defeat of Obama is essential if the vision of our Founding Fathers is to survive. — Valerie T. Smullen, Central Point