It is so good to know that a man of Dick Gordon's integrity is willing to represent Ward 1 on the Medford City Council.

It is so good to know that a man of Dick Gordon's integrity is willing to represent Ward 1 on the Medford City Council.

He is diligent in spending hours researching the issues before the city. He's honest and straightforward, willing to tell you the hard truth because he knows that "papering over" something does no one any good in the long run. And when Dick says he's going to do something, he follows through.

City Council members receive no pay, and yet the decisions they make have as much or more impact on our lives than national or state candidates. Thank goodness we have people of CEO caliber such as Dick Gordon willing to step up. I urge you to vote for Dick Gordon for City Council, Ward 1. — Craig Horton, Medford

In my opinion, "political correctness" is total nonsense. It distorts truth and adds guilt. Guilt is not a God-given emotion, but sources from the enemy; guilt conquers, controls, divides and destroys. That describes exactly what has happened to our once-great nation.

Wake up, America, and vote for God, family and country as our founding fathers did! Regardless of what Washington, D.C., says about the "new morality," I prefer the traditional values that were the foundation of America.

Have you noticed how the "new morality" is persecuting traditional morality? Let's begin to promote the truth in our lives and our actions. Our very wise founding fathers knew this would happen; that's why America is a republic and not a democracy.

History has repeated over and over — a democracy evolves into liberalism, then into progressivism, then into socialism, then into a communist-type government.

Only you can prevent further destruction of our republic. — Peggy Ryder, Medford

Jackson County Fire District No. 5 has demonstrated a clear need to replace outdated and antiquated equipment. Replacing aging equipment is a win-win situation for the residents and our firefighters.

The new equipment will assist the fire district in continuing to provide excellent fire and emergency medical services for the residents, and at the same time improve firefighters' safety when they are called to save lives and property.

Measure 15-112 is a win-win situation when you consider the costs. For 14 cents per $1,000 of taxable assessed value, it will cost the average homeowner with $155,000 of assessed value only $25.11 per year for approximately 101/2 years.

Voting yes on Measure 15-112 for new equipment will help firefighters help the patrons of Fire District 5. — Kristie Faville, Ashland

The race for Jackson County commissioner is a pivotal one for our county as we emerge from a prolonged economic downturn. Thankfully, we have a clear best choice in Jeff Scroggin. I am very impressed by his enthusiasm and vision of the future of Jackson County. Although Jeff is much younger than most who hold or seek this office, he has already gained very impressive experience in the armed forces and in state government.

Jeff will be a very effective leader as county commissioner and will restore balance to a commission that sorely needs a progressive voice for all citizens of our county. Jeff will not be a rubber stamp for the county's paid administrators, but a thoughtful steward of our limited resources and an advocate for all who live and work in Jackson County. We are fortunate to have a man of his caliber willing to offer his service. — Doug Snider, Medford