Regarding the November election:

Regarding the November election:

I would like to hear that our next president is determined to take us out of the United Nations.

United Nation's Agenda 21 (destruction of America) comes to mind as I read about Stacy Murphy's challenges of global population growth (MT, Sept. 27).

We must become independent of the United Nations if "We the People" want to continue as a respectable, freedom-loving United States of America.

We must be well-informed and vote come November. — Fred and Ingrid Lebleu, Medford

Will a conservative reader reading this please respond?

What does "conservative" mean? Does it mean a person who wishes to conserve: air quality, water quality, Mother Earth, the health of Appalachia, American jobs?

Just who is a conservative these days? — Elizabeth R. Hallett, Ashland

On Sept. 28, I got a phone call from Washington, D.C., asking me to donate to Mitt Romney's campaign. Can you believe the gall of them to ask one of the 47 percent that Romney doesn't care about?

I worked for every dime I got from Social Security and also paid my share of taxes to support their lazy butts. Just who do they think they are?

I'm not Republican or Democrat. There is no difference in the way they both tell false tales. They both better get their heads out of the sand before it's too late. — M. Martin, Gold Hill

I want to congratulate Carolyn and Stan Bartell on a successful Harvest Festival in Phoenix last Saturday. It was enjoyed by everyone. We need more people who support community events as they do. — Marco Hansen, Phoenix

I remember many male adults who labored in a sawmill and were members of the greatest generation. Being a very honest lot, they would say "I plan to go fishing on Saturday" or "I will go fishing on Saturday, unless something happens."

Being poor, their word was very golden to them. If they made a promise, they wanted to keep the promise, hence they would use the word "plan" instead of the word "will" or when using the "will" word, they would state an exception using "unless."

A person who makes a promise and keeps a promise is a person with character. Character mattered to the greatest generation. The greatest generation has been greatly downsized. Will character matter in the upcoming presidential election?

President Obama has broken so many "will do" promises! Did this character flaw play out in the false statements about the recent killings in Libya? — Bill Hartley, Medford