As a lawyer practicing law for nearly 30 years, I have appeared before many judges, and I wholeheartedly support Judge Bloom.

As a lawyer practicing law for nearly 30 years, I have appeared before many judges, and I wholeheartedly support Judge Bloom.

I have appeared in his courtroom many times representing clients and have watched how he treats others when waiting for my turn. He is considerate of everyone in his courtroom, including attorneys and those who represent themselves. He treats all with respect. He is very intelligent and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. He listens to both sides before issuing his opinion.

I believe that Judge Bloom is absolutely the most qualified and experienced candidate to serve as a judge in Jackson County, and I urge you to vote for him. — Angie LaNier, Medford

Where do I start on legalizing marijuana? My neighbor grows the stuff, and it smells like a family of skunks moved in. On 1-acre properties, there's no escaping it. Harvesting includes smoking it and throwing down some beers — perfect.

There's the revenue they claim it will generate. Really? When everyone can grow and use their own? Those who can't grow it will just go steal it from their neighbor.

Why the lack of public access to the names of the applicants and licensees? The sheriff must make public those who have concealed carry licenses, but we can't find out the name of a license holder for growing pot? Then, creating a government agency of appointed members and later, the growers and processors will elect the commissioners — boy, nothing could go wrong there! — Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

John Stromberg builds community. He listens well to all members of our town, not just a select few. He is skilled and eager to do the challenging work of bringing diverse individuals together to understand each others' needs, wants, perspectives and values. He is a firm believer in the wisdom that can spring forth from these types of deep encounters.

John is pragmatic and sensible. He is driven to find solutions that work and to implement outcomes in ways that benefit Ashland and our citizens. He balances being goal-oriented with a healthy respect for process. He builds for the future, the long view, as well as dealing with the present reality.

John understands that for businesses and organizations to thrive, the community must embody healthy partnerships between unique individuals. John knows how to build such relationships, with respect and integrity. — Josie Wilson, Ashland

Having exercised in many different swimming pools in other locations, I would like to suggest a different plan: build one facility. Why do we need two that would be only two miles apart?

Learn more about how efficient pools are utilized. There should be three pools housed under one roof: A long, narrow one with cool water for lap swimmers; a larger, warm pool for exercising, conditioning and various forms of water therapy; and a shallow, warm pool for children.

Save the taxpayers some money by building one pool facility. It's not the time to add any more to their burden than absolutely necessary. If the cost is too great, it may not pass. Surely one facility that meets the needs of most would be more advisable. — J.R. Hunts, Medford