Attention tenants and property owners: Do you need higher rents, utility bills, taxes raised above the obligatory 3 percent?

Attention tenants and property owners: Do you need higher rents, utility bills, taxes raised above the obligatory 3 percent?

This pro-pool media blitz (from MT, Parks/Recreation, City Council, Swim Medford) has never mentioned that the YMCA is near Jackson Pool. If children are being turned away at Jackson, support the YMCA, which has year-round swimming!

Adolescent obesity and drowning are cornerstones in this pool-persuasion campaign. Diet restrains obesity. Drownings won't necessarily decrease if government adds another pool. It's another public-sector ploy pawning kids for money, of which $300,000-plus has been wasted ramming pool projects at taxpayers, their focus being substantiating their existence and anticipating growing it. Their plan's excessive, so cut our losses now!

After this bond effort, police and fire are poised with theirs (ignore their scare tactics). Endless unnecessary fees uncontrollably barrage us; it's time we squelch the unnecessary fees we CAN control.

Vote no on Measure 15-115. — The Christies, Medford

Jeff Scroggin spoke at our union Labor Day picnic, and I was impressed with his ideas to improve the economy of Jackson County, from computers to trains.

His time in the military and on the staff of Senator Bates qualifies him to become a county commissioner. Please vote for Jeff Scroggin. — Mary Ruth Wooding, Ashland

The City Council suggests homeowners with a house assessed at $207,000 will pay $39.81 a year; but what officials aren't telling you is you will be paying this fee for the next 20-plus years, totalling over $800. Ask yourself, how often will you use these pools 20 years from now? Since a covered pool increases the user capacity, Park System Development Fees could be used to offset two-thirds to three-quarters of the cost, but city officials have refused to consider this funding opportunity along with potential grant opportunities available trough state parks.

Instead, the City Council has decided homeowners will not only fund 100 percent of the project, they will also pay for the entire operational costs in perpetuity. Review your current property tax bill and ask yourself, do we really need a year-round facility to accommodate special interest groups? Vote wisely. — Randy Hutton, Medford

A new pool will cost approximately $50 a month for Medford homeowners. No offense, but I have yet to see anything on how much extra Central Point, White City, Ashland and other out-of-area residents will pay to swim. I swam there 60 years ago, now at my age I doubt it today. Make it a Jackson County bond issue, otherwise my vote will be no.

My other issue is maintenance. Only Medford homeowners get to pay more on our utility bill — that sounds really fair? Yes, we need a pool, but is this measure fair? No. — Bob Summers, Medford

We wish to add our support to those supporting Jeff Scroggin for Jackson County commissioner Position 2.

Jeff will bring a fresh voice to our Board. He is an energetic, younger adult, bringing important life experiences, including serving in the military as a noncommissioned officer. More recently he has served as chief assistant to a state senator. These experiences brought leadership qualities which we see as necessary in our county government.

His election could bring balance while serving with the Republican commissioners as they continue with their terms. Jeff is intelligent, articulate and definitely interested in the future of our county. — Gary and Shirley Woodring, Talent

I support Carol Voisin's re-election to the Ashland City Council. Her expertise, thoughtfulness and character have played a valuable role in our council's deliberations and actions. She does her homework and listens to different sectors of the community before making up her mind.

At Southern Oregon University, Dr. Voisin teaches critical thinking and ethics in modern society, attributes which this city sorely needs in our public process.

On the council, she has demonstrated the courage to challenge convention when appropriate. The well-financed political action committee that opposes Carol complains that she sometimes casts the sole dissenting vote on our six-member council. What exactly is wrong with that? I believe she adds a great deal to Ashland's vitality and civility while asking questions that need to be asked.

Please join me in voting for Carol Voisin's re-election. — Arlen Gregorio, Ashland

Mitt Romney was governor of the State of Massachusetts from 2002 to 2006. His candidacy pledge was to create jobs for the people of the state. Sound familiar? During his tenure, the state added only 1 percent to the employment rolls, the fourth worst in the country. He failed miserably.

He loves numbers but is dismissive of people and was characterized as the "imperial governor." He tried to replace the heavily Democratic congress with Republicans who would do his bidding, supporting and sometimes funding over 40 Republican candidates. However, his heavy-handedness backfired, and the citizens voted even more Democrats to the legislature.

With aspirations for the presidency and his ratings below 40 percent, he needed a signature event, something that could be enacted, health care reform, which included the "individual mandate" (originally a Republican idea from the Heritage Foundation). Ironically, this was his greatest accomplishment, and the one he now disowns. — William Gates, Ashland

Mitt Romney spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative on Foreign Aid conference in September, saying the developing world needs our free enterprise system. I mostly agree, but Romney said "The best example of the good (that) free enterprise can do for the developing world is the example of the developed world itself. In our own country, between 1820 and 1998, real per capita GDP (gross domestic product) increased 22-fold."

Doesn't he know that the first 45 years of that time span featured slavery, followed by the Industrial Revolution with robber barons and seven decades of child labor and slavish conditions in our factories and mines? What an example! This uninformed presidential candidate can't connect with anyone not part of his 1 percent — here or in the rest of the world!

Free enterprise can't survive such a shallow spokesperson as Romney. He's the Republican candidate — vote Democratic at all levels! — Roy Sutton, Ashland

I urge all residents of Jackson County to join me in supporting David Orr for Circuit Court judge. As Deputy District Attorney, David works tirelessly to protect victims of child abuse and bring their abusers to justice. His extensive experience as a prosecutor and a former public defender uniquely qualifies him for the position of Circuit Court judge.

David's opponent in this election was appointed to the bench with almost no experience in criminal litigation. His opponent accepts campaign contributions from lawyers and law firms that bring cases before the court. David does not accept campaign contributions from any source. He believes a judge must avoid even the appearance of being beholden to contributors. As a result, David is being vastly outspent by his opponent.

Jackson County, don't let special interests buy your vote! David Orr is smart, experienced, dedicated and ethical down to the marrow of his bones. He is the right choice for Circuit Court judge. — Stephany Smith-Pearson, Ashland

Jeff Scroggin is an energetic, knowledgeable young man who will contribute a fresh perspective to Jackson County government. With his experience as chief of staff for Sen. Alan Bates, he is familiar with legislative procedures and how to work with others to get problems solved efficiently and economically.

He advocates equitable land use laws, preserving our natural resources, maintaining adequate social services, and improving transportation facilities for business and citizens.

Working in a bipartisan manner, without ideological prejudices, he can work to solve the problems facing Jackson County.

He deserves careful, thoughtful consideration as a candidate for Jackson County commissioner. — Frank R. Hieber, Medford

I am glad to express my support for Dick Gordon and his candidacy for Medford City Council, Ward 1. I have known Mr. Gordon for many years and appreciate the work he has done for our city. He has given freely of his time and energy on many different issues and has shown a clear vision for the community with his common sense approach to the problems that have faced Medford.

This city needs to return Mr. Gordon to the council. — Jody Blanton, Medford