The striping and "road diet" restrictions now being put in place on North Main Street (Oregon Highway 99) are another example of the stupid and wasteful decisions coming from the Ashland City Council. The city should cut the size of its staff and budget.

The striping and "road diet" restrictions now being put in place on North Main Street (Oregon Highway 99) are another example of the stupid and wasteful decisions coming from the Ashland City Council. The city should cut the size of its staff and budget.

Alan DeBoer is the guy to help put the city on a new path. Vote for Alan, a civic-minded man with common sense. It's time Ashlanders take back their town from the rabble and the wackos, and govern for the majority. — John Enders, Talent

My husband and I were on a walk Sunday and came across the write-in candidate sign for Murray La Hue and Diana Nelson.

On Monday I heard about a flier, and Tuesday I became aware of its content. I had no foreknowledge of these items. I am deeply saddened for the turmoil this puts our dear city through.

May we proceed ahead with a clean-cut competition among candidates. — Diana M. Nelson, council president, Phoenix

No surprise that Skundrick is endorsing Scroggin. Skundrick's quotes from a town hall meeting, "We are servants of the state. We are the boots on the ground for the state" speaks volumes about why the endorsement.

When asked about the role of the county, Jeff Scroggin replied, "The fed trumps the state, and the state trumps the county." So whether there is a "D" or an "R" after their names, they see eye to eye on their most fundamental beliefs.

So where's the balance that Mr. Scroggin's campaign is always going on about?

Just putting a Democrat on the board does not, in and of itself, create a balance. Forget the labels, it's a balance of ideas. Electing a candidate who agrees to get along, is not giving this county better representation, just more status quo.

Doug Breidenthal stands for ideals not currently being represented fully. — Sally Dernedde, Medford

I am supporting Knute Buehler for secretary of state because one of his priorities is putting an end to gerrymandered districts that allow politicians to select their voters instead of the other way around.

Gerrymandering effectively disenfranchises voters by dumping them in districts where the results are foregone conclusions. It polarizes, because the important elections tend to be primaries, where the party faithful tend to select the more ideological candidates.

All districts should be as equal as possible in population and competitive, contiguous and compact, coincide as closely as practical with local political boundaries and preserve communities with common interests. Oregon's problems will be solved only if people work together. Let's start by voting for Knute Buehler as our secretary of state. — David Churchman, Ashland

Mitt just can't shake his Romnesia. He changes his positions more often than Minnie Mouse changes her wardrobe! Eek! — Marlyn Mason, Medford

I am enthusiastically supporting Alan DeBoer for mayor of Ashland. He is mature, responsible and will bring back common sense to Ashland government. Alan is progressive, but opposes the "road diet," characterizing the plan as "an absolute disaster."

He opposes the utopian view of a tiny minority to restrict automobiles and reduce traffic lanes, and expects most of us to walk or ride bicycles. That is not practical nor possible in Ashland. Alan is a fiscal conservative believing that local problems can be better solved by local talent rather than hiring expensive out-of-town consultants. DeBoer has called for an intertie with the Medford water system and restoring public transportation.

Alan DeBoer will bring a proven vision to Ashland. In my view, Alan DeBoer is a man who says "if it isn't broke, don't fix it." Please join me in voting for Alan DeBoer, and bring common sense back to Ashland. — Don Stone, Ashland

As everyone who reads the MT knows by now, I have filed a complaint about Carolyn Bartell with the Governmental Ethics Commission. The matter was not public, despite what Mr. Bartell says, and should have stayed that way.

However, Bartell chose to make the matter public. First at a Phoenix City Council meeting, then in an email to the Friends of Phoenix group, and lastly in a flier distributed to the general public.

What is her motive? The complaint would not have been acted upon until after the election. Maybe it's to elect the candidate she's backing for mayor.

Just look at the Bartell for Council sign at Highway 99 and Fern Valley. It also lists Jeff Bellah for mayor. Is that real independence? I would think not.

A mayor should not be in the pocket of certain council members. If they win, we all lose. — Steven A. Schulman, Phoenix

I recently read your article on Measure 15-115 — Medford General Obligation Bonds to Finance Aquatic Facilities. As a concerned taxpayer, I don't see several important issues addressed, and would like some answers before I make my decision:

Will this be a saline or chlorine facility?

Will swimming competitions be held here? If so, will they pay for their usage, and what will this money be used for (since we will be paying on our utility bill for the upkeep)?

Hours of operation — what will they be, and when will we the taxpayers be able to use this facility? Also, why two facilities? Why not consolidate them into one location to cut costs? — Barbara Simonson, Medford

After attending two recent debates between the county commissioner candidates, I agree with Bill Thorndike and the Mail Tribune: Scroggin is the best choice.

I was impressed with Scroggin's decisive positions on important issues like job growth and infrastructure.

He is an intelligent and articulate U of O graduate. His four tours of duty in Korea demonstrate his commitment and dedication to public service, as do his years working for Sen. Alan Bates.

He has the endorsement of several county commissioners (past and present) including Republican Don Skundrick. He also has the support of the Rogue Valley Realtors Association. That kind of support demonstrates that Jeff is able to reach across party divide.

Like Jeff and Commissioner Rachor, I believe the county commissioner position should be elected without reference to party affiliation.

Jeff will work to implement concrete and positive solutions for problems facing our county today. — Karn Starchvick, Jacksonville