I was wondering if Lithia plans an open house for the public to tour its new building.

I was wondering if Lithia plans an open house for the public to tour its new building.

— Diane, by email

Unfortunately, you've missed the boat on that, Diane. Lithia held a public tour earlier this month. They also recently held events for Rotary and SOU/RCC.

"The real public functions are kind of past where they go through the whole building," Chief Executive Officer Bryan DeBoer said. "I'm sure we'll be doing other charitable events that people will be able to jump into."

You can still visit and check out the lobby, but beyond that, the building is just for employees.

We can offer a few details about the structure that will give you an idea of all that's gone into its $14 million construction:

The four-story building took 488 days to build — the company's official move-in date was Aug. 20 — and is 70,000 square feet in size.

A 60-kilowatt solar array helps power the building. Inside, glass on meeting room windows is covered in automobile logos and scenes, and a sound system produces white noise that cancels out nearby conversations.

Well-appointed meeting rooms with large-screen TVs and several employee kitchens stand out as you walk through the building (if you could walk through the building, Diane).

The work areas for employees feature low partitions and lots of windows, and give off the feel of a high-tech workplace.

The top levels of the building offer great views of nearby Roxy Ann Peak, along with Wagner and Anderson buttes.

You also can get a sense of the building through some YouTube videos posted at www.youtube.com/user/lithialife.

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