It appears that the recent deaths of four Americans in Libya are not worthy of national news coverage. Mainline news outlets may make note of this preventable tragedy, which is then buried pages back of the front page.

It appears that the recent deaths of four Americans in Libya are not worthy of national news coverage. Mainline news outlets may make note of this preventable tragedy, which is then buried pages back of the front page.

Where are the journalists who, in times past, seemed so anxious to uncover the truth? Does the truth only matter if the administration is conservative?

Does the truth only come out after the election, or will it be stonewalled and covered up fully? There seems ample fault for White House, Department of Defense, State Department and the Pentagon. Does anyone care except the families?

America owes Nixon an apology! No one was murdered due to Watergate under his administration. — Bob Baker, Medford

Obama has a chance of being re-elected. That's tragic! Obama is another Jimmy Carter, an incompetent liberal whose presidency is being reduced to rubble under the onslaught of repeated failures. Obama has tried to transform America into something I find unrecognizable and repugnant.

You wanted facts, well, let me give you some.

How about the "shovel-ready jobs" which weren't there, but Obama made a joke out of it?

Obama said the private sector was doing fine. Really? How about our having 57 states? That must be his Chicago education. How do you explain his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia? And his lying to the American people concerning the killing of four Americans in Libya — one an ambassador. Then having the woman supposedly handling the debate to help him out with the lie.

These are just a few of the "facts." I could list several more. — Jerry R. Hall, Medford

Jeff Scroggin tells us, "We need balance and cooperation ... the best decisions are made when all sides come together and problems solved in a nonpartisan manner." He should know, as Jeff worked in the state Legislature as chief of staff for Sen. Alan Bates. Jeff has an inclusive, get-things-done attitude.

This is exactly what Jackson County needs to resolve issues related to land use, economic development, transportation and social services, to name a few. Jeff is committed to bringing living-wage jobs to Jackson County and listening to senior residents' concerns.

Jeff's open mind and consensus approach would serve us well, in contrast to his opponent who is aligned with rigid tea party views. Republican commissioner Don Skundrick endorsed Scroggin, recognizing his energy and intelligence, making him a better fit on the Board of Commissioners. Enough said. — Judith Corbin, Medford

I have had the privilege of working alongside Ben Bloom for over a decade. As an attorney, Ben was always extremely honest and thoughtful. As a judge he has been even more so. Ben is an asset to our court and to our community. He has the overwhelming support of the attorneys, elected officials and judges in our county. He also has mine. — Charles Bolen, Central Point

On June 27 at 4 a.m., I called 911. A little after 6 a.m., an RVMC doctor asked who to call. I said Sandy Abercrombie — she's a friend running for state representative in District 5.

I've known Sandy for nearly a decade, and the term "friend" seems small, but has never meant more. She came immediately to the hospital and worked with/for me to make many contacts, get items and papers needed during the next couple of months — even doing laundry — until I was released in mid-August. Not hovering, but always watching after my interests.

I can honestly say this is the type of person I want representing me in Salem. A person who does not walk away, cares and is willing to work, represent your needs and work for your best interest. You can count on Sandra Abercrombie to come through for you in Salem as your state representative. — Lyn C. Horstemeier, Jacksonville

As a Jackson County Fire District 5 patron and firefighter, I'm shocked by the magnitude of inaccuracies and manipulations of the truth the opposition has made against the proposed bond levy, Measure 15-112.

I fear the public is in danger of falling victim to such unwarranted, inflammatory claims. The sole argument against Measure 15-112 in the Voters' Pamphlet offers few verifiable facts; instead, it provides misinformation.

To get the most accurate information, I invite you to attend District 5's monthly board meetings, held the third Tuesday at 3:30 pm at our headquarters, 5811 S. Pacific Highway, Phoenix. Your comments and concerns are always welcome. District 5 has proven resourceful and skilled in fiscal planning and budgeting for decades. I believe our district patrons' lives are worth more than one can ever express in financial terms. I'm confident that our district will vote yes on Measure 15-112. Help us help you. — Stephen Maziarski, Talent

My family is in support of the proposed plan to replace the pools at both Hawthorne and Jackson parks. Since the closure of Hawthorne prior to the 2011 season, children are being turned away from Medford's only pool on most summer afternoons due to a lack of space.

The proposed Hawthorne pool will provide a year-round facility for children to learn how to swim and enjoy recreational time during evenings, weekends and school breaks. The proposed Jackson pool will provide expanded capacity and will be an affordable activity for children during the summer season. Summer is a critical time of year in providing positive activities for our children to engage in, so let's stop turning them away.

Medford is a great community and has always found ways to support children. Now is the time to provide support to those children and families by voting yes on pools. — Marchand Vorderstrasse, Medford

The economy is finally picking up a bit and it's time for our region to move forward in ways that benefit all citizens. That's why I'm supporting Jackie Agee for Ashland City Council. She has the right combination of business savvy and a proven commitment to effective social services. A team player, she will work hard to make Ashland a city of which we can all be justifiably proud. — Marilyn Hawkins, Ashland