1. The new pools will use the latest saline technology.

1. The new pools will use the latest saline technology.

2. Organizations hosting meets or using the pool for practice will be charged a reasonable fee. Revenues from meets, practices, open swim and lessons have all been factored into the pool's operating budget.

3. Hours of operation have not been set. Swim teams will probably want the pool before and after school. Since the 50-meter pool will have a movable bulkhead, teams can practice on one side and the other side be used for open swim. Morning hours at municipal pools are often used for swim lessons, adult open swimming, water aerobics and therapy. Open swimming for all ages will probably be scheduled in the afternoons and evenings.

4. The Jackson Pool is designed as a seasonal, family-oriented swim/splash facility. This area park is ideal for youngsters to walk to or ride their bikes to. — Rich Hansen, Swim Medford

This election cycle is probably the most important in several generations. The fate of America is at stake. Do we want to lose it or restore it?

It is time for a change of leadership in the White House and Senate.

I just ask that the "one issue" voters, "Obama is cool" or "I want my stuff from the government" people put America first for a change.

I cannot imagine any thinking person with an inkling of logic or common sense would vote for more of the same.

The strength of a country derives from a strong economy. This administration believes big government is the answer, and Mitt Romney believes in a smaller government and a strong private sector, which I agree with.

Remember people, the government operates on your money. The bigger they are, the less hard-earned money you get to keep. Sound fair?

God bless America. — Burt Bovee, White City

In reviewing the Oct. 15 Mail Tribune interview between the two candidates for County Commissioner, Position 2, I have the following comments.

Doug Breidenthal is obviously more experienced, better informed and more practical than his opponent. For example, he has expressed concrete and realistic positions on creating good, family-wage paying jobs by attracting industry with lower taxes, streamlining the planning and permitting process and a sensible, cost-effective improvement of our infrastructure. In addition, Doug Breidenthal will advocate closing the county's budget gap by taking a 1.5 to 3.0 percent per department reduction in their budgets. Just as important, he is a strong advocate of owner property rights based on a common-sense land use philosophy. This contrasts with an unrealistic, typical progressive, "pie in the sky" nonspecific approach to our challenges from the other side based on the left's tried and impractical social justice philosophy.

Vote for Breidenthal! It's the right vote. — Bob Olsson, Rogue River

I am writing this letter in support of John Stromberg for mayor of Ashland. I have lived and worked in Ashland for 35 years and have never seen a mayor work as hard for the city and its citizens as John Stromberg has.

DeBoer says being mayor is a part-time job, but actually, being mayor is a full-time job if you do it with the care and thoughtfulness that John Stromberg puts into it — bringing citizens together, always working to bring opposing points of view to consensus — gathering the information and research to present ideas that work best for the city with an objective eye.

DeBoer says he would've stopped the road diet, but actually, the mayor does not vote unless there is a tie in the council. I was totally opposed to the road diet, but actually having driven it now, I found it is faster, safer and easier than before — much to my shock and surprise. But even if he had supported it with a vote, I would vote for him because I do not vote on one issue only — I look at the person generally and what he does for the entire community — not one issue, and John has served the community well beyond what any other mayor I have ever seen, including DeBoer. — Juli Teitelbaum, Ashland

I'm writing to express why I'm voting for Herb Farber for county surveyor.

We purchased business property where the previous owner made improvements without regard to the rules or processes required by the county. It was a mess. Herb sorted out the issues one step at a time working through them until resolved. Herb prepared the site plan application in Jackson County and the annexation process to the city of Medford when urban growth boundaries changed. This was a time-consuming process we could never have completed without his expertise and knowledge of what it takes to get the job done.

Herb has the integrity to help people with a private-sector attitude which I feel we need in government today. He has advocated for the private sector view, versus that of a bureaucrat. Join me in voting for Herb Farber for county surveyor. — Suzzette Cohen, Medford

Congressman Paul Ryan decries the social safety net. In 2011 Ryan said the safety net has become "a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency." And in 2012 he said the safety net "drains people of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives"…"

These words recall comments from Andrew Mellon, Treasury secretary during the 1920s, and the third richest man in America. He reduced taxes for the wealthy to his own benefit.

At the onset of the Great Depression he advised President Herbert Hoover to "liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate farmers, liquidate real estate "… it will purge the rottenness out of the system. High costs of living and high living will come down. People will work harder, live a more moral life." Traditional American charity would take care of all.

Liquidate Medicare? Liquidate unemployment insurance?

In Ryan the 1920s live anew. — Marcia Simon, Ashland

Apparently there is a demand for swimming pools in Medford, but does the city have to provide them? The answer is no. Most always, were there is a perceived demand private suppliers step in to fill that demand.

Let the private, free enterprise, American capitalist system work. The city should sell the land required to a consortium of contractors to install and operate the pools.

The city is going to charge for use, so why not let the developers recoup their costs and make a profit for upkeep? This would not cost property owners, taxpayers.

MURA could help, as with Evergreen, Holly, Lithia, etc. No additional park fees would be needed. Remember the $2 street fee which is now $8.46?

Taxpayers for once wouldn't be subsidizing something they might not use. Only those who would pay a $14.5 million, 21-year burden on homeowners and renters would be avoided. Vote no on measure 15-115. — L.R. Palmer, Medford

President Obama clearly won the debate on foreign policy. On the issues he had won the debate before it had ever begun. He ended the war in Iraq, brought Bin Laden to justice, worked to restore our relations with foreign leaders and bring jobs home to the U.S. where they belong.

Romney has zero experience with foreign policy. His only experience on the world stage was in London for the Olympics where he insulted our closest ally. Romney has no sense of tact needed to be a diplomatic leader. He spent the debate complaining about the president and then turning right around agreeing with him on many points. He has shown the same lack of leadership by changing his opinion on many social issues. It seems as if Romney has two opinions for every issue. To lead you must first know where you are going. Romney has no clue! — Sarah Hart, Medford

I'm writing to encourage people to join with me in voting for Jeff Scroggin for county commissioner. Jeff's priorities are ones which, if implemented, will improve the economy of Jackson County while maintaining the livability of this beautiful county we call home.

Jeff is not only knowledgeable about the issues facing Jackson County, he has the insight, experience, and energy to accomplish the work that must be done. His focus on family-wage jobs, local business support, fiscally responsible infrastructure upgrades such as rail lines and timely and affordable air service, and keeping local dollars local, are only a few of the priorities that make Jeff the best choice for Jackson County.

For all these reasons and more, Jeff Scroggin is the best choice for County Commission Position 2. A vote for Jeff is a vote for us. — Catherine A. Brasseur, Central Point

If you have three cats, they will try to go in six directions. Getting a bunch of felines on the same page is hard work.

We citizens of Ashland are often cat-like. We don't like killing pedestrians and bicyclists, but we are not sure that we want to slow down cars. We worry about fires but we are wary about cutting down trees. We consider ourselves compassionate but we are annoyed by unwashed panhandlers.

As mayor, John Stromberg has proven to be a master cat wrangler. He is very patient. He has helped create the consensus necessary to move forward on sensitive projects like the Ashland Forest Resiliency thinning program.

John is willing to spend the time required to lead us forward on other issues, such as planning for an adequate supply of fresh, affordable water. Let's give John another four years to get us cats organized. — Diarmuid McGuire, Ashland

Do you want insurance companies to resume denying pre-existing conditions and preventive health care, or to remove your 18- to 26-year-olds from your insurance plan?

Do you want Medicare to become a voucher system?

Do you want government to interfere in your reproductive decisions (including a plan to make hormonal birth control murder)?

Do you want to send our troops into another war?

The economy is improving; do you want to go back to policies that caused the recession?

If you answer no to any of these questions, vote for President Obama; he cares about all Americans, and he doesn't keep his money in institutions overseas. — Sandy Boucher, Jacksonville

I am a 41-year-old-woman supporting her husband and todler daughter. My permanent job is part time with no health insurance.

The only health care I've received in the last year and a half has been through Planned Parenthood. They are my health care provider for the foreseeable future.

Mitt Romney says he supports ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I do not believe Romney understands the necessity of places like Planned Parenthood for low-income people or the real fear of not having health insurance and having a family history of cancer. I do not believe Romney cares about anyone who has struggled and still struggles today.

I am voting for President Obama, a man who understands the limited options of hardworking women like me and who encourages all of us that, in our struggles and endeavors, we can succeed too. — Jody Fleming, Ashland

The result of the county commissioner race will have a significant impact on all of us in Jackson County. With Jeff Scroggin, we have an opportunity to bring a new, energetic, and experienced Democratic voice to the county Board of Commissioners.

When I met Jeff, his even-handed and well-informed approach to county issues told me that he is a man who will get things done. Jeff's experience on the state level will serve the county well. He has a first-hand understanding of how state government interacts with county government. With Commissioner Skundrick's appointment to the State Infrastructure Finance Authority board last July and Jeff's experience, we are sure to have a stronger board, able to advocate for Jackson County in Salem.

Commissioner Skundrick has already endorsed Jeff Scroggin (see Mail Tribune letter, Oct. 18). Let's follow his lead and vote for Jeff Scroggin for county commissioner. — Laura Baden, Ashland

Regina Ayars has demonstrated throughout her campaign her capacity to listen and to make reasoned evaluations based on intelligent understanding of issues.

She will be a great asset to our City Council.

Carol Voisin, a dedicated and courageous public servant, is someone we know we can trust to study an issue in depth and to act with integrity.

With John Stromberg as mayor, someone who has a proven record of respectful and effective leadership, our city and our council can continue to handle the challenges we face.

Vote for Ayars. Vote for Voisin. Vote for Stromberg. — Selene Aitken, Ashland

I find Vickie Aldous's articles concerning the PAC, Ashland Residents for a Great City Council, to be very misleading. She repeatedly characterizes the group as one that opposes more liberal candidates.

I am not a member of ARGCC, but was involved in the previous group, LAV. I can tell you emphatically that this has nothing to do with liberalism or lack thereof. It has everything to do with competency.

I am a life-long Democrat and a liberal, but I still want the most competent people elected to our City Council. I have found information released by ARGCC to be helpful in this regard.

As Ms. Aldous well knows, City Council races are nonpartisan, so I would appreciate it if she would stop misleading the public in this regard. — Suzanne Frey, Ashland

I have a very easy solution on the pools that the city wants. Let the city/county pay for the pools and the upkeep, and charge a fee to users of the pools. I don't like the idea of the city forcing the older/retired citizen-homeowners paying for the pools.

Maybe the city should partner with private money to get the new pools built. That takes the burden off the taxpayers. I have been saving for retirement for many years, I am now retired and living on a fixed income that does not include paying several hundred dollars a year more in property taxes. My vote is to have financing in place without a bond issue to save us taxes. — Bill Clarke, Medford