Are you satisfied with the way our City Council operates? Do you agree that the city should give away so much to Lithia and other private entities? If not, then Curt Ankerberg should be your choice for councilman of Ward 1.

Are you satisfied with the way our City Council operates? Do you agree that the city should give away so much to Lithia and other private entities? If not, then Curt Ankerberg should be your choice for councilman of Ward 1.

He will not go along just to get along. He will not vote for spending taxpayer dollars to support private companies that should be funding their own projects. He will not support the huge public projects that will increase our property taxes in these economically hard times when so many of us are struggling to get by.

He will, however, as a CPA, be our representative on the council to more closely monitor the expenditures of our tax dollars. Do you want a balancing force on the City Council? If you do, then vote for Curt Ankerberg on Nov. 6. — C. McCracken, Medford

If you haven't already voted and you're thinking of casting your ballot for Romney, here are a few things you might want to consider.

"I balanced the budget all four years in Massachusetts." He had to — it's a law in that state.

"Of course the numbers add up ... I was a successful businessman." Actually, he's one of the people who drove this country into the ditch. Check out Bain Capital.

"I'll create 12,000,000 jobs." Probably not, but he'll eliminate all financial and environmental regulation, give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and probably gut the social safety net.

You might also want to consider that Romney signed Grover Norquist's "no new taxes" pledge and Norquist said, in effect, that he didn't care who or what was elected as long as it had enough digits to hold a pen. That's really scary. — Jean Strong, Medford

Due to high cost of medical coverage, companies try to find ways to avoid providing coverage or they offload the problem to the employee. This is just wrong. If a company cannot provide health care benefits to its employees, it is not a viable business.

Large companies can negotiate lower cost insurance programs but most small companies can't. Employees who work for companies with health care benefits are tied to that company — they can't change jobs because they may not be able to get coverage elsewhere. When small companies can't get affordable coverage, they can't attract the people they need to succeed.

The Affordable Care Act is, as the name implies, a program to help make health care affordable for all Americans. It gives small companies a chance to provide affordable health care benefits. As a small business owner I want Obamacare to succeed. — Bruce Kelling, Medford

Ashland residents who have not yet voted, please skip to the middle of your Voters' Pamphlet and read Measure 15-113.

Support for this measure would continue Ashland Library's additional hours, (40 hours vs. the basic 24 hours provided by county funding), additional story times (including Monday evenings) and services to the homebound. Public libraries provide an essential step across the inequality gap — and this is a step taken right here in our home town. Ashland voters, please vote yes on Measure 15-113. — Amy and John Kinard, Ashland

Romney has and will sit down with all leaders and talk about issues to find common ground and bring people together.

Obama: "my philosophy has been I will take ideas from anybody ..." to help the middle class.

See? discuss and collaborate vs. I decide from ideas you bring me. Of all his flaws, his philosophy of the role of governing may be the worst. Wrench this republic from this man who would be king before it is too late. We begin by ousting him and then not only people with real jobs, but the government will also will begin to work again. — Teresa Holbrook, Central Point

Ashland is not a "politics as usual" kind of town. We are a community of intelligent, independent thinkers and voters. We vote for the person and views, not a slate from a slanted interest. We like being an example of respect and dignity for the individual.

We do not want a group trying to sway how we vote. We do not want a group attacking office seekers with whom it does not agree. We do not want a group trying to create a homogenous City Council, its ironic idea of a "Great City Council."

I resent this railroad effort by a few in our town. Anyone associated with this control-hungry PAC should question his or her stance on diversity of views and respect for the individual.

There is a cogent campaign sign on A Street in Ashland, "Vote with your mind, not your eyes." By election day we can let this PAC know what we think of its show of campaign force. — Ben Benjamin, Ashland

Last month Phoenix celebrated its "Phestival" to promote community spirit. It was an incredible success and would not have happened without the leadership of Stan and Carolyn Bartell. They helped organize the vendors and musicians, helped pay for the "Phestival" advertisements with their own money and worked throughout the day.

They now have been accused by mayoral candidate Steve Schulman of mishandling City Council funds to the State Ethics Commission. These two outstanding community members have done nothing wrong. They have given their time and money for a great event and now face these false accusations.

I know they will be cleared, but in the meantime they must feel that their character is in question. Schulman blames Stan Bartell for making this public before the election. Why couldn't Schulman have waited until after the election if he was worried about it being a public issue? — Peter Cislo, Phoenix

I have had several opportunities to witness both candidates for the open Jackson County commissioner position speak over the last couple of months. The most readily apparent theme to which I can attest is that Scroggin does not pussyfoot around on the issues. He maintains focus on solutions that will affect real change for Jackson County residents, unlike his opponent, who seemed to flip-flop his stance depending on the audience, and who would literally regurgitate Scroggin's talking points at subsequent forums.

His attack ad in Sunday's paper demonstrates his inability to focus on what really matters, and frankly dishonoring a veteran and attempting to devalue his service to our country is not very cool.

When it comes to the qualifications that matter for this position, I agree with the Mail Tribune, Don Skundrick, who really stuck his neck out there by endorsing Jeff's candidacy, and Bill Thorndike — Jeff is the man for the job. — Krystl Tonkin, Medford

Jeff Scroggin is an unusually well-qualified candidate for Jackson County commissioner, Position 2. His opponent has little experience and has taken wildly self-defeating positions against accepting federal support for Jackson County.

The able Republican county commissioner, Don Skundrick, has endorsed Scroggin over his Republican opponent as "better qualified" and other Republican county officials have refused publically to support their own party's candidate. Is this a welcome sign that Republicans are losing patience with their party's recent lurch to the far right?

As a life-long Democrat, I generally lean toward the liberal side of political issues, but I also value the constructive criticism of conservative Republicans and their willingness to find moderate solutions to problems. Could Republicans in our small county in Southern Oregon send a message to the tea party radicals by voting for Scroggin? It just might get their attention. — Wayne Slawson, Talent

With the coming election, we need to approach voting with an eye on the future and consider who among the candidates would represent the greatest number of citizens while moving our county, state and nation into better times.

In Jackson County two young men represent the next generation of energetic and inspired public servants. Jeff Scroggin, a natural negotiator who knows how to bring all sides together, would be terrific working with the other two county commissioners. Scott Fein, now serving as interim county surveyor, would bring education and experience to the job.

Based on criteria I feel necessary for effective leaders, I ask voters to select Jim Diefenderfer for state senator, Seth Wooley for Oregon secretary of state and Joyce Segers for U.S. Representative in Congress. Without question we need to retain President Barack Obama for a second term as he leads us into a better future. — Dennis Rasmussen, Rogue River

Nixon lied about Watergate. Reagan lied about giving missiles to Iran. W lied about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's involvement in 9/11.

Now, Doug Breidenthal exaggerates his own business experience while belittling Jeff Scroggin's honorable military service and extensive state and county level political background. Breidenthal's military record? None. Political background? Limited. Honesty? Integrity? Trustworthiness? Get the picture? Vote Scroggin. — Thomas Johnston, Medford

Memo to undecided voters: President Obama was endorsed by General Colin Powell, an old-fashioned Republican and widely respected American. Powell, a born leader, saw in Obama those same qualities.

Romney, on the other hand, was endorsed by millionaire porn star Jenna Jameson, who admires him because he has assumed more positions than she has. — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

I'm for pools, but if pools are for all, then why are we just placing the tax burden on the city property owners, and not on all of the Jackson County property owners? — Louise Scherck, Medford