About 11/3 cups shredded, sharp or medium-sharp cheddar (or Monterey Jack)
4 (8- or 10-inch) flour tortillas
Desired fillings, (see related recipes, or simply assemble an array of traditional fillings, such as diced tomato, salsa, guacamole, cooked chicken or ground meat, chopped flank steak or sliced skirt steak, sour cream and taco sauce)

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until it becomes very warm to the touch. For feeding several folks, it's a good idea to have 2 pans going at the same time. Sprinkle 1/3 cup of the shredded cheese directly onto surface of pan, spreading it out to cover approximate diameter of the tortillas. Lay 1 tortilla on top of cheese and press it gently into melting cheese (this helps cheese adhere to tortilla).

Let tortilla sit, undisturbed, in pan for about 30 seconds, to give cheese a chance to brown, then gently test it around edges by sliding a spatula under tortilla and lifting slightly to see if cheese has turned golden and is adhering to tortilla. Once this has happened, slide a spatula completely underneath tortilla and flip it over to brown plain side, then slide onto a plate.

Arrange desired fillings down 1 side (if you want to fold tortilla in half) or down the middle for a burrito-style wrap. Repeat with remaining cheese and tortillas.

Makes 4 servings.