Letters to the editor

I'm delighted Obama won

I'm a 74-year-old white man who was an engineer at Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. And I'm delighted that Barack Obama's values for America have beaten back those of Republicans, who believe high-income whites should run this country, primarily for their own benefit. Greediness and racial discrimination are death knells of a country. — Hartley Anderson, Medford

Pullout not surprising

I'm not surprised Dignity pulled their offer to merge with ACH off the table. With weak editorial support from your paper and unending letters published from members of the community pushing their myopic political agendas, who can blame Dignity?

Let's just hope that all those who objected to this merger are happy with themselves. They still won't be able to get abortions at ACH, and end of life discussions still won't happen there, but their political zealotry may mean there won't be a hospital at all. I hope they're happy with what they have achieved. The community is all the worse for what they did. — Ellie McKeon, Ashland

A rational response

Bravo to the Los Angeles Times for taking a stand on the side of reason, logic, and the evidence (Other Views, Monday, Nov. 5). Only the willfully blind and/or willfully destructive will describe our existing, worsening global climate catastrophe and our increasingly severe and numerous meteorological events as either acts of God or simply a passing phase.

Of course, a rational response to the catastrophe will entail a transcendence of our present economic system, which is why our corporate lords and masters prefer catastrophe to any meaningful cure.

Thank you, Mail Tribune, for raising the issue. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

People have no sympathy

"Medford hunter survives bear attack" was correctly portrayed. Hunting is legal, licensed and regulated.

Thank God people are different and what one relates to, takes pleasure in and makes them proud doesn't apply to all!

Worse that the bear was killed than the young man injured? Wow! People who have no sympathy for the injured man and would be far from proud, have me far more concerned about the ethics and empathy of the human race. — Terri Hurd, Jacksonville

Dog had a good life

About 20 years ago (plus or minus a couple years) a dog was lost in the Butte Falls, Willow Lake, Whiskey Springs area. He was a 2-year-old (or so), German shepherd-looking dog, about 40 pounds. It was obvious that he had had a good family taking care of him.

We took the dog in, and he and I immediately bonded. He became my faithful companion on many backpacking adventures. He died six years ago, and I have often thought about the family that had lost such a good dog. I would like to tell them that he was found and had a very good dog life. If anyone reading this can remember losing such a dog in that area during that time period, please contact me at lebop1128@aol,com, or 541-865-3427. — Lloyd Holm, Butte Falls

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