It probably doesn't matter now, since the bond was defeated, but what the MT failed to note in its Nov. 7 article on the pool measure is the "charge" each utility customer would have been hit with, on top of the additional property taxes.

It probably doesn't matter now, since the bond was defeated, but what the MT failed to note in its Nov. 7 article on the pool measure is the "charge" each utility customer would have been hit with, on top of the additional property taxes.

It seems that whenever money is needed in Medford, a charge on the utility bill is the answer! What used to be a "water bill" is now the Medford utility bill with water being a minor component. People are fed up with these charges. And I guarantee that this charge would have continued on into perpetuity. And, in the end, residents still would have to pay to get into the facility.

Congratulations to the people for voting down this excessive plan. The losers aren't the children — the winners are their parents! The city should determine if a private entity would like to build and operate a city pool, charging for entrance based on market interest. If private enterprise is unable to succeed, or simply isn't interested, what makes the city think they can even break even in offering these types of services? — Jim Langhoff, Medford

There has been a lot of discussion lately about aquatic facilities. I want to thank the community for investing more than $200,000 in the Rogue Valley Family YMCA swimming pool over the past couple of years, including Southern Oregon's first UV water-filtration system. The World Health Organization says a UV system is better than both saline and chlorine systems, so no red eyes and no itchy skin.

Thanks to many donors, we also have financial assistance scholarships to help low-income kids and families. We have ample space and a variety of swim lessons, water fitness and therapeutic classes. We partner with local high schools to host water polo and swim team practices and meets during winter. Special Olympics participants and a year-round age group swim team also use the Y. Regardless of which facility you choose, I encourage you to get involved with aquatic programs for both personal health and water safety. — Brad Russell, YMCA executive director

Kudos to John and Gayle Heart for writing in regarding the parking lot in the new Northgate Center. I have heard nothing but complaints about this parking lot. Their opinion is shared by most that I've spoken with.

I too was excited about the opening of the new stores, but I find the layout frustrating and hard to maneuver. I can't quite understand the logic in designing such a small, awkwardly shaped parking area for such large, popular stores. — Eli Mac, Medford

Once again, Jackson County voters have demonstrated a political death-wish. Their insistence on expressing their perceived "independence" at the expense of their community has assured no goodies from Salem.

It's little wonder we receive scant consideration for projects such as a state hospital, state prison or state veterans home. If one has a "goodie" to give away, does he or she give it to a supporter or to an opponent? The opponent then cries "they" don't represent me — boo hoo.

I can understand the wealthy voting their pocketbook (everyone is constitutionally guaranteed this right); what I don't understand is the individual that says "I don't want "them" to raise taxes on families making over $250,000 per year" when his or her family hasn't made $250,000 over the past five years; and is in many instances receiving public assistance in some form or another. If the "Bush tax cuts" generate jobs, one should logically assume we would not be in a depressed economy — we would have more jobs than in the 10-plus years they have been in effect. So, maybe it's time to take a "crash course" and sign up for a lesson in "Logic as a Foreign Language." — William Prince, Medford

After watching what seems like months of political one-upmanship, petty quarreling and issues which must be addressed immediately if not sooner being totally ignored, I think electoral reform must be on the front burner.

We need to eliminate ballot access barriers and open the debates so independent and minor parties' voices are heard. Instant run-off voting needs to be implemented to rid our country of the wasted vote argument, and the privately-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates must come to an end. Voters want real choices, but the CPD and rigged electoral laws keep viable solutions and candidates hidden from public view.

People have struggled for decades to have the right to vote. Why would we now waste our precious vote by voting for parties and people controlled by private interest money, the same ones who have been playing us as fools by defining for us what a "wasted" vote is.

The reverse-psychology campaigns designed to confuse us have been very effective but the blinders will fall from the peoples' eyes and more will see a powerful and peaceful movement evolving to regain control of our elections.

More information is available by searching "free and equal elections." — Jill Iles, Talent

The day Obama was inaugurated in January 2009, Republican leaders secretly met to plan a strategy, not to help the new president recover from the utter disaster that they and Bush left the country in, but to thwart him in every way possible. At that time the economy and country was in a desperate situation, and everyone should have been planning to work together to get us out of the mess we were in.

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell publicly stated that their No. 1 goal was to prevent Obama from winning a second term. House speaker John Boehner refused to compromise on any issue. He even stated that he "rejected the word 'compromise.' " Senate Republicans used the filibuster at record levels to block bills, including jobs bills, to invest in and rebuild our infrastructure. Republican leaders refused to stand up to and denounce or condemn any statements made by their fellow elected or media leaders no matter how vile or despicable the statements were.

After four years of planning and conniving, and after more than a billion dollars spent, the Republicans still failed to meet their stated objective. The re-election of Obama by the majority of Americans was a rejection of naked hatred and a win for America. — Louis Flashinski, Medford