I read with interest two letters in Wednesday morning's MT regarding the bear attack on Alex Machavo.

I read with interest two letters in Wednesday morning's MT regarding the bear attack on Alex Machavo.

Both writers showed they have no understanding of the hunting ethic. They seem to think that hunters hunt for the "kill," which is not true. Hunters hunt to provide food and shelter just as nature intended for all species to do. The kill is necessary if we are to eat (vegetarians excepted). This is true whether we hunt or not.

I quit hunting 40 years ago when I discovered I had no talent for it. Even so, I know several families who eat little else but wild game. They are healthy and care a great deal about the animals that provide their sustenance.

Yes, the bear did what any animal will do when confronted by danger. Bears eat people all the time, and some people eat bears. That's nature's way. I pray Alex has a speedy recovery. — Ted Brown, Jacksonville

I'm not particularly upset that Barack Obama gets to have four more years of on-the-job training. Changing drivers on a bus that has been driven off a cliff isn't going to change how the bus trip ends.

I realized in 1996 that we were hell-bent on self-destruction. That was the year that the voters told a lying, treasonous sexaholic that he could spend another four years in our White House.

Since we're obviously never going to look upward for guidance, just close your eyes and try to enjoy the rest of the trip. — Ron Smith, Medford

I hear talk of stimulating the economy. Doesn't it stimulate the economy when consumers are forced to pay exorbitant prices for practically everything?

There is no longer any relationship, however remote, between the value of a thing and its price. This is when we congratulate corporations on creating employment opportunities of minimum-wage, part-time jobs with no benefits? The greatest threat to this country's integrity and stability is greed — not Afghanistan. — Wayne Richards, Medford

The Electoral College for electing a president is way past it usefulness. I have always thought this system was broken. With technology being what it is today, we could use popular vote count to elect a president, just like we do everything else.

This all-or-nothing philosophy is wrong. If they still want to use it, they need to pro-rate the percentage by the number of electorate per state. As long as they keep this broken system, all of us in Southern Oregon will be slaves to northern Oregon. We will never join together enough to out-do the rest of the state. I was really disappointed to hear that Barack Obama had won Oregon just seconds after our polls closed. Something is wrong with a system that this can happen so soon. — Clay D. Ver Bryck Sr., Medford