Lillian Wallace passed away November 10, 2012; she was 87 years old.

Lillian Luella was born November 24, 1924, to Fred and Mary Herrmann, in Burke, S.D. The family moved to a farm in Naper, Neb., and in 1937 moved to Minnesota. It was there that her father died in an accident, leaving his wife wondering how she would survive with six children and another on the way. Lillian had not yet graduated high school, but as the oldest child still living at home, she decided to quit school and help support her brothers and sisters. Lillian was determined to keep the family together and during that time was her mother's strength. Lillian was instrumental in the decision to move the Herrmann family back to Naper; back in Nebraska, Lillian went to work and returned to high school, graduating in 1942.

Lillian's brother, Altor, was in the service during WWII; while overseas, he became seriously ill. Eventually he ended up in White City at the military hospital (Camp White), and Lillian and her mom came to Southern Oregon to visit. Altor died from his illness and Mother returned to the rest of her children in Nebraska. Lillian stayed and began working at Camp White as a cashier in the commissary; it was there that she met her future husband, Frank Wallace, in 1944.

They were married January 19, 1946, in Arkansas, and their son, Ronald, was born in November 1946. In 1948, they moved to Central Point and in 1952, had another son, Marlan. Lillian and Frank lived on a small farm, so there was plenty for Lillian to do at home. When the boys were older, Lillian worked as a pear packer a few months each year.

In their retirement years, Lillian and Frank bought a fifth-wheel trailer and began to travel the United States. They had a grand time of it, but upon hearing that their great-grandchildren were to spend every weekday with a babysitter, they decided to postpone their traveling for a while. Lillian and Frank decided that since those babies had to spend the day without their mom, they should at least be with family. The years went by, and, unfortunately, Lillian and Frank were never able to travel much after that.

Religion was an important part of the Wallace's lives. They were happy to answer questions about their church or discuss their beliefs, but they were never pushy. If you did not bring it up, neither did they. Lillian and Frank believed they could bring more people to the church by showing others the happiness they had found in living their lives through Christ. Through the years, Lillian and Frank attended services at Calvary Temple in Central Point, Three Fountains Nursing Home, and at the Medford Gospel Mission.

Lillian had a knack for making everyone feel like family. She was generous and kind to all. No matter what time it was, if you knocked on the Wallace's door, Lillian made you feel welcome. Lillian had a sense of humor that could sneak up on you when you least expected it! She also had a streak of dogged determination' (like a mule!); once she decided she was right, good luck changing her mind!

Lillian and Frank were the best of friends, and very seldom did one go anywhere without the other. In 2008, after 63 years of marriage, Frank passed away. Lillian seemed a little lost without him, and some of her enthusiasm had left with Frank. The pain we feel with her passing is eased by the knowledge that Lillian has been reunited with Frank in Heaven.

Surviving Lillian are her sons, Ronald (Barbara) and Marlan (Valerie); grandchildren, Dinah and Jared; several great-grandchildren; and several of her siblings.

Services for Lillian will be at the Lighthouse Family Worship Center, 3500 Arrowhead Way, Medford, Saturday, November 17 at 1:00 p.m.