Tax cuts don't equal growth

The nonpartisan Congressional Research Office recently released a report, "Taxes and the Economy: An Economic Analysis of the Top Tax Rates since 1945", which shows no relationship between upper-income tax rates and economic growth.

Two previous CRS reports, "Small Business and the Expiration of the 2001 Tax Rate Reductions" and "Economic Issues, and The Economic Effects of Capital Gains Taxation" also support this position. Yet Speaker John Boehner and most Republican representatives continue to claim that raising taxes on the wealthy will cost jobs.

Republicans continue to make these statements as dogma even though they have no basis in fact. It reminds one of their denial of man-made global warming, the consequences of which are increasingly washing up on our shores. Most of us do not even have to read CRS reports when we remember that the Bush tax cuts led to huge deficits and the biggest recession since the 1930s.

We cannot find our way out of the fiscal and jobs crisis when our representatives put their own and their friends' wealth before the business of the nation. Please join me in telling our newly re-elected Rep. Greg Walden to get real and stop blocking the president's tax proposals. — Marc Heritage, Rogue River

Ike would weep

Thoughts on a Veterans Day following a presidential election:

Conservatives/Republicans tend not so much to like veterans as much as they like systems, weaponry and munitions, and the contracts that go to major systems, weaponry and munitions contractors, companies and contributors.

By spending as much as possible on "defense" projects, Conservatives/Republicans can say, "We're sorry we can't support this very important social project. The budget just won't allow it." See also: aircraft carriers and seven of the eight budgets the Bush/Cheney administration sent to Congress under-funding the VA.

The Romney/Ryan budget would have cut VA funding over 13 percent while increasing that of the Department of Defense.

The VA is not a part of the Department of Defense.

Ike would weep. — Harry Freiberg (U.S. Navy 1967-1971, Vietnam 1967-1968), Brookings

Stop trying to change things

I must say that, after the results of this recent election, I am further disgusted by the people who move to an area (this one specifically) because they like it, then try to change it to similar conditions as where they came from.

Remember, you like the area specifically because it's not where you came from! Please stop trying to change it to be similar to where you came from, or go back and change what you helped to create!

The people of this area did very well in creating a community that others would like, and that we liked. I'm tired of hearing that the "yokels" don't know what's best for them, so they should listen to you because you say you're smart. Maybe the "yokels" did something smart without you! — Bruce Kelling, Central Point

Limbaugh has it right

A solution to our amnesty problem was suggested by Rush Limbaugh, which I thought was great!

For all those illegals in our country, "welcome," with one condition: you cannot vote for 25 years. — Nancy Wilke, Medford

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