Compromise is not an option

Americans must determine the values and principles they allow to guide their lives. Principles are based on truth, study of history and objective observation. Religious or ideological premises and personal experience determine values as we grow into adulthood.

I believe that compromise is not an option. We must examine our position regarding religious, social and political issues, because our nation is in danger of being transformed into a society none of us had intended.

I was a legal immigrant to America in 1949 after spending five years under Nazi occupation. I was 14 years old when I arrived with my parents and two younger brothers.

We mastered the English language, learned American history and the U.S. Constitution, and supported ourselves with no government assistance. After five years we became American citizens.

I do not want to live under socialist rule. I have 12 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren who should be free to grow and excel according to their abilities and willingness to work. Our responsibility is to live by our principles and values, not compromise with any evil that seeps into our society. Courage! — Mette McDermott, Medford

Thanks for clarity

Thanks to the Philadelphia Daily News, in its editorial reprinted in the Nov. 12 Mail Tribune, for clarifying that gay marriage "hasn't weakened traditional unions and it didn't recruit young people to a gay agenda."

I have never understood how my male/male union has the power to weaken the marriages of my neighbors. And apparently they are not worried, since we have associated with them for the three years we have lived in our neighborhood, and none of them seem on the verge of divorce.

Perhaps it's too soon to tell, and we will see a rash of traditional marriage dissolutions in the future. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the "gay agenda" seems to have triumphed in multiple state election approvals of gay marriage.

Does this mean traditional marriages will start imploding across the country? If so, gay people are far more powerful than we ever realized.

If not, perhaps we can all rest assured the "gay agenda" is nothing more than a desire to be treated equally, after all. — Julian Spalding, Talent

Hunting is not necessary

Parts of what Ted Brown of Jacksonville stated in his Nov. 12 letter concerning "The hunting ethic" are absolutely not true.

Generally, people in our society today do not have to kill animals to provide food and shelter! The kill is not necessary to eat!

Hunters do not "care a great deal about the animals," otherwise they would not kill the animals. And people who generally eat meat do not care about the animals that are killed; they only care about the meat the killings provide.

And hunting itself is only actually done, contrary to Mr. Brown's denial, for the obscene and perverted "thrill of the kill" and the building of personal ego — you know, "The Great White Hunter!" — Fred Fleetwood, Trail

Reader Reaction
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